love westlife | Reviewer: freak | 2/9/14

I LOVE YOU MARK FEEHILY .. ... YOU ARE REALLY AMAZING IN THIS SONG I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MY FRIEND LOVES YOU TOO . she told me to listen to this song and i listened to the studio version and i thought this as a bit slow but when i saw how crazy my friend was about this song i began to like it too . and this song has a really wonderful meaning and myself and my friend sing this song together and i really love this. AND EVERYBODY WHO IS A TRUE WESTLIFE FAN MUST CHECK OUT THE DUBLIN LIVE VERSION OF THIS SONG ITS WONDERFUL

superbly enchanting | Reviewer: alexcia tomblinson | 10/19/13

Everytime i hear this song it make me think of love in its purest state. It creates a longing in you if you haven't found that special someone. Westlyfe has taken these lyrics to a higher level.

westlife | Reviewer: thupten | 6/29/13

this is my favorite song in the whol
wide universe,,it's just...there's
something in it that you wont get
easily bored to listen...even if i play
it trillion times i wont get tired and
bored of it

loovvvve this songgg | Reviewer: loovvvve this songgg | 10/15/12

I've always loved Westlife...they touch my heart and my soul with every song the have...I LOVE alll their songs...andout this of my fav. Line is well for me is waking up besides watch the sunrise in your face..........they sing not for people....but to the hearts, specially they do to the Love

I love dis song its great | Reviewer: Sandra micheal | 8/29/12

I love dis song very very much. Nd i cant stop listening to it, because the lyrics are so perfect. Everybody's lookin for something nd wen u find that thing u ar flyin. Gush, i listen to dis song like everyday, nd i like it so so much.

where the hell have these guys been! | Reviewer: loyiso bam | 7/11/12

Am such a huge fan of these guys, have been following their music from their 1st album... Out of all albums that they have released... Haven't been able to pin point or say specifical which one of their songs is my favourite as I happened to like every song they have released... I absolutely love every song they have released...

great song | Reviewer: loret | 6/23/12

great song from westlife.i really love dis song i get inspired and inspiration from this song.honestly i feel like flying without wings espicially when i remember my family amd friends the luv we share .the line i love best is".....some find it in face of their chidren some find it in their lovers eyes....."just like my mum she derive happiness in her children faces.i love my mum .weldone westlife more greese 2 ur elbow.

Flyng wtht wingz | Reviewer: Cyphysore nkosie | 4/11/12

Wow gentleman of my universe,what were you thinking if u release something so correctly stured like this,do you know how much i love this song,when ever i listen 2 it i just close the door hoping the 1 i love would knock while i know very well she is million miles away

great song - for all people | Reviewer: sola-abby | 4/5/12

I love listening to this song over again cos it makes me fly without wings each time! Song for all categories of people..that speaks of beautiful bond between familes, friends and lovers too. Special for me is the part dat says "those are only things that only I know..the things that make you mine" making lovers realise that regardless of our imperfections, you still got that special thing that makes your partner great and fly without wings! Fine lines..great song. Thank you Westlife for giving this to the people of the world.

I LOVE THIS SONG !!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/12

everytime i listen to this song, i remember my family and my friends. it reminds me about our great and memorable bondings .. I miss my grandfather .. he passed away 6 years later .. :( ..

High Quality | Reviewer: Wathsala | 12/11/11

It's a really beautiful song i like most.I always listen to this song. It Really touch my heart. Wesilifes singing this song very nicely. Hip Hip Hoore my favourite band is Westlifes. I really like them most. Really nice and a meaningful song you all have given to the world. THANK YOU ALL for that.

i love, no i'm really really in love with this song | Reviewer: verachan | 8/27/11

i love this song so much. i love all of this song, i get my inspiration from this song. i can't stop listening this song , when i listen , im feel like i m really really flying without wings. and i think "so impossible" if i can bored when i listen this song. hmm, i just can say ... the best inspiration song in the world !

beautiful song <3 | Reviewer: saffron | 7/27/11

I'm only 13 but I really really love this song. This song to me is a real inspiration to me. I only herd about this band a few days ago wile looking through all the songs on my iPod but already I have fallen in love with this song.
I must say but I find my special thing is in a persons smile after I have offered to help them :) mark and shane you guys have amazing voice's just like an angels voice.

For Lovers Only | Reviewer: Duke | 12/12/10

Crazy thing is that I am listening to METRO FM (So.Africa)via my computer. Here in Atlanta Georgia-U.S.A.
I have to tell you I'm a romantic..that song is awesome!! This song caontains special words of LOVE. Another song that touches me is by J-Lie & Laron "FOREVER"
If youve never lost a LOVE don't bother checking that out.

Great work METRO FM!!! You are the BOMB.

For Lovers Only | Reviewer: Duke | 12/12/10

Crazy thing is that I am listening to METRO FM via my computer. Here in Atlanta Georgia-U.S.A.
I have to tell I'm a romanti..that song is awesome!! Special words of LOVE. Another song that touches me is by J-Lie & Laron "FOREVER"
If youve never lost a LOVE don't bother checking that out

Great work METRO FM!!! You are the BOMB.