Amazing | Reviewer: Derrick | 8/13/08

This is such an amazing song. My boyfriend had shown it to me because we were looking for a song for just us two and as soon as I hear the first three lines, I fell in love with it. My boyfriend lives five hours away, so this song really helps me cope with the fact that I'll always see him if I just close my eyes. This is probably West Life's best song that they have ever written. It's beautiful, amazing and it's a song that actually comes from the heart.
By the way, I love you so much Jimmy.

it warms my heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/08

i want say a big thanks to westlife for this song, it actually means alot lot to me, whenever i miss him, all i have to do play this song and i will be fine. i love him soo much, this song is helped our luv grow.guys you rocked

westlife r the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/08

when i hear this song i break in 2 tears coz my bf is travelling 2 the us and we will be apart cant bare this anymore um so much in pain i love him alot his the love of mylife we've been 2og now for 8 years wish his back in 2 my arms again this song rocks love u

THis makes me cry | Reviewer: Meggy Moo | 12/11/07

I think of my ex when i hears this, it brings tears to my eyes every time i hear it. It really sucks that when u r in pain u listen to song that bring u pain, but anyway this song rocked!

close your eyes | Reviewer: fredi | 10/25/07

i like this song first time i hear this song,cos voice them is great,n ilove them forever...

Song.. | Reviewer: Charlotte | 9/20/07

This song's lyrics are on my bebo, i <3 Westlife and my fiance is going in the Army soon.. This one's for him, the words in it are everything i feel and am going to feel.. So 'Shell', consider yourself lucky that your baby was oly 178 miles away, try being 3000 miles away in Iraq! This guy is my all & my everything, it's songs like this that put it all into context.. I love <3 you baby...

close your eyes | Reviewer: mark | 8/26/07

i allways think of this song i had to leave my girlfriend in england and this song was playing the day we were together before i left to move to america i love her so much this song im gonna admit it it makes me cry xxx

FOOKEN WKD | Reviewer: D3BBii3.FOOKEN.C33 | 7/13/07

I've heard the westlife version of this song.
DJ Bummer rukes this song.

this song is great | Reviewer: ashlii | 6/24/07

i think the dj bummer song is good aswell it is a brilliant song and i dedicated to my boyfriend on thursday coz at the beggining it says Tomorrow morning I have to leave AND I WAS GOPING AWAY THE NEXT DAY HE SAT CRYING TO IT BLESS HIMI ONLI WENT FOR THE WEEKEND ASWELL BLESS HIM X X X

Meaningful | Reviewer: Shell | 6/14/07

I listened to this a lot when my fiance and i lived 178 miles apart... everytime he had to leave me again, it hurt so much...but this song helped me thru. thanks guys xx much love

awesome | Reviewer: leah | 6/5/07

i love this song but theres a dj bummer mix and i also like that alot! this song is just a classic nd no matter wot any1 duz 2 it its still guna be mintaz!!

Amazingg!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Becky | 4/29/07

This is mii fave song everr. Loved it for a life time. Avin it at mi funeral :) Lol x
Btw it wasn't *sang* by Dj Bummer..It was sang bi Westlife *the greatest group everr*
Dj Bummer did a *remix* of the song
Its alryte but no where near as good as the orgignal! <3 x x

dis is mint | Reviewer: keyz | 3/31/07

this is one of the minted songs these song lyrics have put ideas in my head for a book im gonna write

this is a mint song | Reviewer: Chloe | 2/11/07

this is a well ace song and there is a dj who sings this its called dj bummer