love westlife | Reviewer: freak | 2/16/14

i LOVE THIS SONG AND WESTLIFE A LOT ... VERY VERY MUCH ......... the only problem is i forget the tune of this song no matter how many times i have heard it ..... a great setback for a westlife freak like me ! once however i tried singin this to ma GF and as i started singin sumbdy else cald her and she turnd to look at them .... darn it ! and when she turned around again .... .. . i was singin BABY PUT YOUR LIPS ON MINE AND I LL LOVE YOU FOREVER ........ absentmindedly she said yes ... i was really happy and asked ... really? that was when she realised what id beeenn singin and said whaaaaaaaaa ! nooo ! ............ but i really wish she did . I LOVE YOU WESTLIFE

gives me hope | Reviewer: Bii Tebz | 1/7/14

Just love this song. Every line every words just gives me hope that even though my girlfriend and I lived apart, this song gives me hope that she will be always near me...

Gives me strenght | Reviewer: Iso Moreo Ominyal | 10/13/13

I really missed my girl friend when she left for holiday. We are both together in the same university (Medical Faculty of UPNG). Before she left she told me that if ever we miss each other, we must play that song so that we could be strenghtened. At first when we were together, that song did not produce any significance to me. But now that she is far from me, this song provides me with stamina that eventhough we may be far from each other, I just had to close my eyes and there we could be together. To my girlfiend, "I really missed you Dorea and I love you so much. I just can't wait to be together with you again".

amazing song | Reviewer: Teena | 10/7/13

its really an amazing song nd whneva I listen 2 it I think of such hillarious moments I spent wth him though I dnt thnk he eva thnks of me. I must admit, am a huge fan of Westlife

Just close your eyes | Reviewer: peculiar kemxy | 5/18/12

Sweetest that have heard in weeks. Recommended by a close friend conny, she hopes I listen to it so it helps me carry on through this breaking up period with my boyfriend. I've then played and read the lyrics and I love it so much. Westlife is the best and they always speak my mind through their music.

Inlove!!! | Reviewer: Lindah | 4/28/12

Wow!! Dic track rocks people n t reminds me of my b.f even though thr'r z dic quarrel between us hope wl sort t out soon coz a day without u t feelz lyk a year,,LV U BBY N WL ALWAYS DO (STHEMBISO KHOZA) d man of my dreams... Soo mic hm;-(...

Cloze ur eyez | Reviewer: Cyphysore nkosie | 4/16/12

Mmm....i don't know.magnificent.SHANE really kills me when he says(even you fast 2 sleep look 4 me inside your drimz) dat verse torns me 2 trillion piece and makes feel crying coz 1 i love usually is away

What do they know | Reviewer: Cyphysore nkosie | 3/31/12

4 de 1st i listen to song it took me 7hrs listening 2 it,it really hurt en break me apart when Shane said (what do they know is how to criticise) i thought i waz the only person being criticised it makes think of the person whom i tell myself i love

my heroes | Reviewer: west paul | 8/1/11

Good music has always been from you. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires. oh (WEST LIFE) if only you really know what you mean to the world.close your eyes is one of the best even though all west life is best.I only heard this song when you were living from Glasgow to Manchester you played.wish i could someday see you (FACE 2 FACE)

This song touches my heart! | Reviewer: SYakira | 10/1/10

This song has always been one of my fave songs in the westlife album. i am a loyal fan of westlife, i collect all the albums and this song brought back the memory of my high school years, parties, my ex and etc.

xx | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/10

i love this song. Me and my besestfriend listen to this all the time and it brings tears to our eyes! We listened to this the last day she had with us before she moved to Austraila! This song is the best, i know someone who had this playing at there funeral so it means alot to me as well. And the first paragraph has really nice lyrics- so does the whole song! I love my bestfreind!

It's an amazing song | Reviewer: Philani | 12/25/09

I've been a westlife fan 4 long time, i listen to this song everytime i mis my girlfrnd + the 1 that says NO PLACE THAT FAR, These 2 songz make feel close to my 1 & only. Thanx to westlife (PHILANI South Africa)

Awesome | Reviewer: Sunil | 7/12/09

When i miss my ex, i play this of d best songs i've ever comes from d heart.every line in this song, i like. guys u really rocked..
To my ex: da i LOVE u..think'in of u every minute..take care!

Love It | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/09

I've been a fan of Westlife for a long time now, but just recently ran across this song and I love it to death. My husband is currently in Iraq and so hearing this song makes me think of him and remember WHY I deal with the distance. Because I love him, and really, he's never too far from my thoughts. First chance I get, I'll have him listen to this song. It is truly a work of art. Masperpiece.

Close Your Eyes | Reviewer: baraka | 6/10/09

i allways think of this song i had to leave my girlfriend in england and this song was playing the day we were together before i left to move to america i love her so much this song im gonna admit it it makes me cry xxx