I love Westlife music | Reviewer: CristinaWestlife | 11/4/10

This music is so good... I do love Westlife! Although this song is not their original and I know Tim McGraw sung this song... I love the lyrics, its really special for all women..so lovely to hear! :) Good job Westlife!

westlife butterfly kisses | Reviewer: rosie | 6/28/09

i love this song, it reminds me of my grandad as he passed away two years this august and the part where the father gives away the daughter reminds me that my grandad gave away my cousin amy and didnt get a chance to see my wedding
shanes voice is brilliant and whats even better is kian is now getting more involved in singing yay. x

Buterfly Kisses | Reviewer: shNickyXlover | 7/9/08

Although today wasnt the first time I heard this song and this isnt the first version I have heard but this is the best to me, Nickys voice at the start is amazing and this song has such a beautiful message. For me it reminds me of my deceased Grandfather while at the same time my dad as I have always been a daddys little girl adn this song just reminds me of that.

beautiful | Reviewer: limefeehily | 3/24/08

this is really a beautiful song, alas, I have no special experience with this song, for instance in a wedding day. And today, this is the first time I listen to this song, very nice, but I feel a litle bit sorry, because now I have been 37, when I was 16, I have never listen to this song.

butterfly kisses | Reviewer: lysa | 2/13/08

Wow. I love the message in the lyrics because it touches to my heart. It's my first time to hear this song. I remember the night when my friend of mine has this life so miserable when her father has passed away when she was 5 years of age. It is so sad to remember her past but she's still keep on fighting until now with his twin brother.^^,

Wow! | Reviewer: rachel | 1/30/08

I had this song on my wedding day following my first dance with my new husband! I cried when i picked it and i cried on my wedding day! It just reminds me that whatever happens i'll always be 'daddys little girl.' x

sweet cry | Reviewer: filanastasia | 12/3/07

this song just so lovely.. until today.. after countless time i heard da song, i still can cry.. because each time, it's remind me my late dad.. and yeah.. i agreed with jordana that i'll be my dad's little gal forever.. no matter what..

I just cried | Reviewer: Jordana Vargas | 11/18/07

my daddy is my love... he's everything to me...I tell him everyday, and I'm he's baby girl and i'll be forever... I give him butterfly kisses... WESTLIFE... u made me remember how much he means to me, cuse I know he'll love me forever...

butterfly kisses. | Reviewer: hayleigh. | 10/20/07

i love this song. it is so sad.
it made me cry. it got me thinking about when i want to get married, my dad wont be here to see me in my wedding dress, or to walk me down the aisle.
it is such an emotional song.

about the song | Reviewer: ditte | 8/27/07

i is an amazing song and i like the fact that all four of them sing a parte they all have amazing voices, but i like shanes partes the best he has such a great voice and is so cute.