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Performed by Westlife

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Like it so.., | Reviewer: Shabaan | 9/6/10

My first time listing this song i was alone in my bed room,sleeping.My room was dark, i listened to the radio,this song made me remembered my mom' who died when i had 5 year,in that moment i felt comforted,soothed,flying with the angels n' then i felt full of soothing n' holding on my heart.thank you a lot westlife. you still being number 1

hello | Reviewer: janence | 5/31/10

I.m fine I hope we are fine Do you remember
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Angel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/10

I was listening to a young lady on Britain's Got Talent - she sang this song so beautifully and 14 she made me cry. I then remembered listening to it when I was listening to Westlife. It's a beautiful song that makes you hope that an Angel will take you to fly with them at the end of your life. Thank You Westlife. xxxx Jane xxxx

My Angel. Dont Leave my side. | Reviewer: Amuyashi | 3/9/10

i have always loved Westlife since i was young (im 17 now) however i cannot listen to 'Angel' for it reminds me of my old horse name Diva who passed away from tumors that spread into her lungs. it also reminds me of my boyfriend who lives far away from me and is my angel. Both of these two angels have support me through so much. If i can do anything to reverse time and save Diva's life then i will. I would even reserect her. Diva u shall always be my angel girl. I'm so sorry babe girl for abandoning you in your time of need and not being there when u had to be put down. I always found confort beside you and my life is now a lonesome place.

Peace | Reviewer: Lesley | 5/31/09

This song helped me through some really tough times, it seemed to just be there when I needed it. A friend had taken me to see Westlife in Concert and I cried when I first heard it. I had not heard it again till recently when a friend was seriously ill. It helps me to think of him and hope an angel holds him in her arms keeping him safe. Thankyou

love this song !! | Reviewer: | 9/22/08

i love this song so much i only dowloaded it by chance and i hadnt listended to it untill a few day after my cousin was murdered and its helped me cope with the grief i listen to it everday and i feel his with me when i listen to it thank u for this wonderfull song

The song 'Angel'' It's great!! | Reviewer: Koecharles Kenya | 7/31/08

Is great! At first couldn't hear exactly what it said, but the tune moved me away towards 'my angel', somewhere beyond the horizon. Can't cry when you hear it? You must be dry!! Angel! Tears irresistible!

Wonderful... | Reviewer: Calin | 10/29/07

One of the best songs i've ever is just great. If i am tired at the end of the day, if i am sad, if i am nervous, "Angel" just relaxes me completely and makes me feel it. Thank you Westlife!

GREAT LONG | Reviewer: Eric | 10/26/07

I totally love this song. Heard it first from Sarah McLachlan, in the movie City of angels, but I definitely like better this one.

Falta una cosa sí, una versión en español.

Best song ever | Reviewer: michael hayes | 10/21/07

i love this song more then ever. next year im going on the x factor and im gonna sing this song for one reason and one reason only. that reason is beacuse this song was at my cousins funeral who died of cancer at the age of 4. so i love this song so much. it means so much to me. i cry every time i hear it. xxxx

I love it!!! | Reviewer: Thess | 8/15/07

I fell in love with this song when the first time I heard it and I played this song over and over again. Very Soothing, Relaxing and I feel like all my problems are gone everytime I listen to this song. Just Keep up the good work guys and I hope you can make some more love songs.

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Tomas | 10/13/06

This song always makes me think of my beloved one who is far away from me, is hard not to get tears in the eyes when listening.... I always sing along to this song. Heh, never thought i was to like Westlife.. but this album... I can only say: Thanks guys for a great album :o) keep up the good work.

Relaxing | Reviewer: Jessica | 4/7/06

The first time I heard the song, I fell in love with it. I just fell from my chair and just layed down on the floor and kept on listening and fell asleep and woke up singing it. I got on the Net and got the lyrics right away. I love this song and it is so soothing and touching. It is a very great song. Also the formation was nice and peaceful.

Heavenly! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/05

What a beautiful song! It's great to relax to, because it's so soothing. The melody is so pretty. I just love it!

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