awwww | Reviewer: lauren | 12/11/08

amazing song my friend sang this at the christmas concert and she was amazing. i didnt know who the original song was by but my friend blew me away with her version and gave me goosebumps but still an amazing song.

better song, better westlife | Reviewer: dian mis | 4/7/08

i like you all since your first album...
i think you became better in every album, from song to song..
about this song... This is a good song
and... please, i want to hear kian's voice more...could you give him more word to song???
thank you...
SoDang in beatifull country, Indonesia...^_^

Love the album | Reviewer: adda | 7/11/07

i like this song very much... love to listen to this long again and again... :), love ya all guys...

About the song All Out Of Love performed by Westlife | Reviewer: Megan | 6/7/07

This is a very great song! I love a lot of the songs Westlife sings and this is one of my favorites!

it's a very great song | Reviewer: barbie987 | 3/20/07

i think it's a very great song.i listen it again and again and i begin to like it more and more.

love album | Reviewer: bodunwa steven | 3/2/07

i love you guy,if only i can reach out to you now,to say,i think much about you.lovely album by you guy.