Reviews for Trapped In The Drive-Thru Lyrics

Performed by Weird Al Yankovic

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SHIZ!! | Reviewer: KF | 1/16/2008

Omg i love this thing lol its awsome but dont you think that the paul bit iis really boring and not nessary and also when they are driving to the driv thru you go on and on and on!

but i am putting on a show for this for my family and friends and i cant wait they are going to crack up!!

thankx alot!
love ya!

great ryming and great lyrics!!!!

trapped in the drive thru | Reviewer: jada | 1/2/2008

well i just want to say that i liked this video and it is funny like the other reviewers said. also this is my first time hearing this song. i found this on youtube up under trapped in the closet also up under trapped in the cubern i think that's how you spell it.

damn good song | Reviewer: John | 11/11/2007

wierd al gets funnier everyday, and this song is the top of the board. the video is funny as hell, i cant belive how funny it is.

Review for Trapped in the Drive Thru | Reviewer: Avril McGowan | 10/17/2007

I think it's basically a good song, but a bit too long, dont you think? Im a big fan of Weird Al, but this is a bit overboard.

I Just Can't Get Enough! | Reviewer: Mitzi | 7/12/2007

I have been a fan of Weird Al for many years now and I can honestly say that this song is his best work yet! I watch the video at least twice daily and my sister lay in bed just droppin the lyrics. I love it, it's masterful, but doesn't appear to be as popular as I would have thought. I show it to all of my friends and they rarely ever seem to find it as funny as I do. Please help people to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that this is so greaaaaaaaaat and that the video is the SHIT. <333

loved it | Reviewer: lolo | 6/14/2007

its so funny plus i love da end that guy has some promble

Trapped in thte drive-thru | Reviewer: alex Nelson | 2/15/2007

This song is the best i herd in along time but saddly this song is not on myspace i know ive looked for it for quite some time i like the song so if you could send it to or i would be greatful for your help

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