yes!!! | Reviewer: jiannah turk | 2/21/07

wierd al is the best i luv him i wish he wasnt married i would hump his leg...

king of comedy | Reviewer: sam | 1/27/07

weird al is the most funniest guy in the world. he's so amazing!!!!!!!!!he makes me want to make up parodies too! so far all i can think of is Old Man (Soul Man by The Blues Brothers). i just need one more verse for the song.WEIRD AL is soooooooooooooooooo COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. can someone please if you have any ideas get another song for me to parody?

ROTFLOL | Reviewer: Inukko | 1/4/07

He's hilarious!!!! I actually hadn't heard of him until my friend told me about Smell like Nirvana (Smells like Teen Spirit). I heard it, and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! My favorite Weird Al songs are Amish Paradise
(Gangstas Paradise by Coolio), Smells Like Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana), White and Nerdy (Ridin' by Chamillionaire feat.
Craizie Bone), and that one song I don't know the name of about Suddam Hussein.Hilarious...So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Albequerque (I think thats right) | Reviewer: Riana | 6/16/06

Can anyone be funnier? i've heard his Dr Demento tapes and they are just as funny as his weird al songs. Love "boot to the head"! Dr Demento stuff is mostly originals-no parodies yet- but its awesome.
And i know all the words to 11minute 44second song Albequerqe. Is that healthy?

This Is The Funniest Dude EVER | Reviewer: lewis | 4/2/06

WEIRD AL YANKOVIC WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is very smart and funny (kinda like me, well mabey not the smart bit but definenetly the second) Personaly my favourite songs are The Saga Begins (american pie), emm, Another one rides the bus (another one bites the dust) and definetly who let the cows out (who let the dogs out) backstreet boys are gay is funny too (THAT SONG IS SOOO TRUE HAHA!!!!!!!!!)

Weird Al the man | Reviewer: sarag | 10/31/05

Weird Al is the smartest person on earth he has an IQ over 200 and skipped 2 grades. WOW what a smarty. My fav. song of weird al and this took a lot of time cause he has so many good songs my favorite song is Alberquerque-spellin might be wrongbut u get it. Anyway its 11 min of pure funniness. BUY WEIRD AL BUY WEIRD AL do it its an awesome song CD whateva

He leaves me in awww.... | Reviewer: Jackie | 5/21/05

Al has a unique effect on me and many of my friends. There is something about his music that captures the listener and draws them in to this strange world that Al has created. The way he takes songs like "I think I'm Alone Now" and changes the lyrics to "I think I'm a Clone Now" inspire many to write their own lyrics to songs. I have almost all of his cd's and I would not be able to survive without his songs making me happy and glad to be alive.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Ashleigh | 4/30/05

I think Al is soooooo cool. I've listened to many of his parody song's, such as Avril Lavigne's version of Complicated, Al has changed it to Constipated! If you have any of the music downloads you should type in Weird Al Yankovic and listen to some of his work. It's humerous as well as inspiring!!!! Thumbs up, 10/10! :)

Childhood Experiances | Reviewer: Jordan | 1/8/05

When I was little, I would sit around at home watching TV and one time I saw a strange (yet funny) show about some guy with wacky hair and his pet hamster. In , I think, 4th grade I went on a camping trip with my church people and I heard a catchy song called "The Cat in the Kettle" and I was told it was by "Weird Al". So I asked my saxophone teacher about it & he burned me a sample CD which I loved. I then went out and bought "The Food Album", "Bad Hair Day", "Running With Scissors", "Alapalooza", and "Poodle Hat". On one of the CD's there is a song called "Weird Al Show Theme" and I immediately realized that the show was Al. Weird Al is probably my favorite music artist and I have the utmost respect for him and his work.

I love this guy | Reviewer: Gina Smith | 11/7/04

He has got to be one of the great geniuses of music. Sure, its crazy. And he piggy backs off of other artists, but thats part of his genius! He is one of a kind, and surely the most creative wacko out there. Incredibly inspiring, as well.