a 12 year old`s joy | Reviewer: harmonie | 2/12/13

I think al is a wonderful artist and my mother and I really enjoy listening to his songs.my mother probably has every word of every song he ever wrote memorized.one of my favorites is Oreo.

v | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/11

I LOVE WEIRD AL's MUSIC SO MUCH (i am only 10) i went to his concert but i couldn't meet him because it would have been 11:00 at night :`( but i still think he is cool and my brother dosent like him.

wow... | Reviewer: Classikkrok! | 10/15/11

I just read all the information about Weird Al Yankovic and unless the person writing this is related to Al or friends with him or Weird Al himself, he needs to get a life. How does this person know Al's underwear size and shoe size?

AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Classikkrok! | 3/11/11

ILOVEWEIRDALSOMUCH!!!! I know all the lyrics to Amish Paradise, Achy Breaky Song, and Eat It. Though I am a classic rock fan, I love to listen to weird al. Just Eat, eat it, eat it, eat it.
Get Yourself an egg and beat it. Have some more chicken, have some more pie. It doesen't matter if it's boiled or fried.

:) | Reviewer: Purrie | 1/6/11

Very nice :)
always fun too read about someone lol. it is good for people too know that people who rose too stardom didnt just wake up and boom they had money and fame...they all rose from something...thanks for putting this up :)

awesome | Reviewer: wierd al junky | 12/15/10

this info is very informative and helps people learn more about a legendary singer/songwriter. if even a third of the artists today had half the imagination wierd al does, we wouldn't have such crappy music today

This is very intellectually Fulfilling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/10

Not sure if I exactly put those two words together correctly,but oh well. Al, really has been an inspiration throughout my life. Though I'm 24 now I really have thoroughly enjoyed being able to read this. It's always good to know that much more about your favorite musician. Thanks Al you've made a difference.


My brother went to High School with Al | Reviewer: Paula | 5/22/10

My brother and Weird Al went to Lynwood High at the same time. They are only 1 month apart in age, Al being the younger one. While I am not sure if they were buddies or not, my brother remembers Al. My brother is Robert "Reb" Hill. I wonder if Al remembers him? LOL. I have some of Al's CDs.

I love Ya!! :] | Reviewer: Lucy | 12/10/08

I enjoyed listening to all of Weird Al's musics there is not one song of his that I don't like my sister loves Al and if it was not for her toshow me Weird Al would have ever love his songs as a baby my sister would not stop listening to his songs and I came and I saw him and on this day I will not stop listening to his songs.I think that Weird Al is kind sweet careing funny and cuties person I have never met and I really love his hair I would really love 2 meet Weird Al angin! respond soon please!!:]

aug 26 | Reviewer: sherry | 8/29/08

justy saw his show at the fair in Monroe,wa even though it was pouring down rain it was FUN FUN FUN.My daughter who is a fan too (age 12) LOVED IT ALSO, IT WAS FUN SHARIN THIS TIME WITH HER. Thanks AL

WEIRD AL ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! period. | Reviewer: Eria | 7/28/08

weird al is my all-time favorite music artist!!XD
i saw his strait outta lynwood tour in baltimore!
WAY COOL!!!! i am totally obsessed with him!! my friend Emily, and i try 2 memorize as many facts about him as we possibly can!! she went 2 c the tour 2, but she got front row tickets!! NOT FAIR!
plus, after the tour, she and her mom went and begged the security guards until THEY LET HER IN AND SHE MET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she told me she was looking 4 me so i could meet him 2!!! but my dad wanted 2 leave right away beacause he thought i'd never have a chance of meeting him! :'( *baw! sob! sniffle!* wahhh!!!!!
I HAD A CHANCE, AND I LET IT SLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weird Al!! WOOT WOOT!!!! | Reviewer: Cleo | 3/28/08

I love, love, love, LOVE WEIRD AL!!!! He is my alltime favorite singer/songwriter EVER!!!!! I'm glad I found this webpage!!!

I was born in '92 and my mother introduced his music to me, and I fell in love with it instantly!! WAY TO GO AL!!!!

Oh, and Anonymous 4/28/2007, you realli need to get a load off you back! Geez! Weird Al gets permission from the artists!! He has humor, which obviously you lack! He doesn't slam other bands or people! geez! I personally think he's a great guy, and just because he has humor, doesn't mean you get to rag on him!! Honestly, if you think that people with his sense of humor are wrong, well then buddy, 3/4 of the world is wrong in your eyes then. Get over yourself.

GO AL!!!!

Love Ya!!! | Reviewer: JC | 3/8/08

*Swoon* I LOVE WEIRD AL!!!!!! *Swoon*
How I found out about you? My mom had 3 songs on her old computer, which is mine now, which includes: cats in the kettle (lol); Who let the cows out; and the night santa went crazy. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

yo | Reviewer: Person | 2/28/08

LOVE WEIRD AL 28/29 songs on my MP3 playa are weird al.... oh and anomanis for 4/28/07 i am mad because weira Al dosent get a 0/10.... he deserves a 40292109409319432/10
Ur a loser anonamis
HAVE FUN WITH THAT........................

hey | Reviewer: austin patzke | 2/7/08

i started listening to your music when i was a kid. i still listen to your music and i'm 11. so i thought i would just ask you how do you do what you do and why?

please respond as soon as you can