awsome songs! | Reviewer: Billy Bob Joe Jr. | 12/14/07

first thintgs first thats my real name. weird als music is exactly whats his name says... weird!
ive got alot of his songs on my ipod and i listin to them everyday. keep makin even funnier songs werid al!

He is really good | Reviewer: Megan | 11/23/07

I love Weird Al's music. The first song I ever heard was Oh Rickie. I loved his concert at the Chevy Centre. I like Amish Paradise. I think his hair is really cool too.

anonymous | Reviewer: kelly | 11/25/07

weird al is awesome! he is so funny. i've never gotten to actually see him in concert though becasue i've always been stuck doing something else.:(( so i was wondering when he was going to go on tour again. even though i know he just came to my city, but when is he coming again????
Thanks!:)) respond soon please!!!:)))))

stupid | Reviewer: | 10/29/07

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don`t download this song | Reviewer: buyagan | 10/9/07

when I heard this song, i said- weird al really is a funny guy! but in a genius manner co`z he really can turn serious matters into something we can laugh about and sticking to it`s message! for me that`s genius!

LOVE IT!!! | Reviewer: Chrissy | 9/26/07

I have enjoyed listening to Weird Al since I was 9 or 10. I am 29 now and still love hearing his songs. My 2 little boys like hearing him in the car too. Their favorites are George of The Jungle, Gump and Jurassic Park.

turn longview into longrun | Reviewer: Nathan Riedle | 7/24/07

i like ur albums and they are funny and i like canadian idiot and lasaugna how about you try altering longview from green day and make it longrun. i would really love to listen to this in your words and i look up to u for the new song of the century from wierd al.

the ultimate listener,
Nathan Riedle

Concert | Reviewer: Garrett | 7/10/07

I have seen him in concert twice and he was very awesome. I even saw him the day of his parents funeral, and it surprised me how he actually made it to the concert.

he is inspiring to me | Reviewer: zaine dykes | 7/1/07

you are 1 of my two heros gerard way and weird al yakovich you are an inspiring artist who needs some more recognition!!! keep goin and making more songs my favorate song of yours is jerry springer

geeesh... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

to bad i was born about 25 years late, he is my favorite artist and i just heard Yoda from weird al-and the band-gives credit- :( to bad i cant meet him

Weird Al rocks | Reviewer: Dingram | 5/17/07

does anyone know what citizenship weird al is? I know he was born in the U.S. but what is his current citizenship?

SaSSy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/07

I think wierd al is the most amazing person eva. he is so clever wen he rites his parodies and other songs. i luv listening to him and his songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

lol | Reviewer: christine | 5/9/07

he awsome i love his songs. i've never heard of him unil i heard the song about the signs and stuff like that from my cousin. i love his new song white and nerdy its sooooooooo awsome he looks funny as a nerd.

UHHH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/07

I personally HATE weird al. He piggy-backs off other artists and is a bad influence of younger childern. He thinks that slamming other bands and people is funny. Seriously, think about how down right mean he is to some songs and people. I give Weird Al a 0/10!

the first time i heard weird al | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/07

i was sitting at home with my dog when weird al's song white and nerdy came on and i just feel in love with it ever since then