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Performed by Weird Al Yankovic

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too cool for skewl | Reviewer: Bonusdonut | 9/16/08

i think the main obstacle for those attempting to sing this mother of a song is having enough air in your lungs to get through the bridge. sure, the speed is an issue, but so far breath has been my only problem.

im off to do breathing exercises and swim. prepare yourself, lungs!

awesome! | Reviewer: Andrew | 1/20/08

this is my all-time fav weirdal song... i can sing all but the bridge,and i can sing about half of it, but i get lost about Hooks and tackle, grout and spackle.... it flips my tongue all over the place.... 0.0

Weird Al rules! | Reviewer: bob | 12/29/07

Weird al has done a great job with this song.ill bet it took him a while for him to get the bridge just right.i can sing along to it all except for the bridge, because i acant sing it fast enough to keep up with weird al.

Wahahah. | Reviewer: Roy-o | 12/15/07

After many hours of memorization and singing the song with the speed increased, I can finally manage to get through the bridge, albeit with some difficulty. Also, this song rocks.

Speed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/07

This is clearly harder than white and nerdy, though, because its harder to memorize. No grammar and no special significance means all you can do is just memorize it straight up. I'm pretty close though! for some reason I always want to say "high performance spoons and ladels" and that screws me up, but if I get past there...

unbelievable | Reviewer: JEP0 | 12/4/07

i am trying to sing the impossible part..

it is impossible.
i am out of breath when he starts about wrecking shisels -_-

good luck to the people that are still trying to sing this song XD

Hardware store! | Reviewer: ryan | 8/27/07

OMG this is one of my favrite songs in the world! I can sing XD But like, last Saturday I went to see Weird Al in concert and I WALKED RIGHT PAST HIM WHILE HE WAS IN A RED SUIT!!!!!!! It'd be crazy if he sang this one 9_6

The bridge without instruments. | Reviewer: iMAniaC | 8/12/07

I found this on the net. It features the bridge part without any instruments, so you can really hear how he does it and how many simultaneous voices there are.

I haven't got a clue how the guy (or gal) who originally uploaded it got the audio clip without the instruments, but it sounds like the real stuff. Judge for yourselves.

salt and pepper shakers | Reviewer: dani | 8/4/07

"Matching salt and pepper shakes" always makes me smile. Weird Al's got the right voice for this song.

Wow! | Reviewer: Kristen | 7/11/07

I learned the whole middle part of it.

Al totally rocks and I'm dying to meet him.

Hardware Store kinda picks me up and makes me smile cuz it's a funny song and just gets me dancing all wacky and start singing to it. XD

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