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Performed by Weird Al Yankovic

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The dynamic duo.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/13

"Eat It" and "Fat" .. both originated by MJ and redux by Weird Al on nearly identical sets. Watch "Fat" and you'll bust a gut. "The word is out, better treat me right / 'Cause I'm the king of cellulite /Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat, alright!"

dum guy below me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/09

the guy who did the comment below me is an effin faggio. mjs moves are still great. wat kinda idiot are you to b less impressed by something after seeing someone butcher it on purpose. dumazz! anyway funni song. al actually had the moves down

Matthijs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/08

If you see the music video that goes with it, it's even better. Weird Al does the same dances as Micheal Jackson, only he makes it look really idiotic. When you look at the Beat It video after watching the Eat It video, you suddenly are not so impressed by Micheal Jacksons dancing :P.

Chubby and Chunky | Reviewer: Yo momma loser!Ha!Ha! | 12/24/07

It's like todally funny and like dumb at the same time.Like sheah Dude! Totally LOL!You know I write music to and chicks dig me. I'm super sexy!! This one is for you Jasmine, Genesis, Karina Gue., Cynthia, and a lot of girls in Violette.VIOLETTE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food rocks | Reviewer: Food rocks | 10/27/07

Weird Al Yankovic is a Genius! like amish paradise, white and nerdy, Star wars sage, lIVING LA vIDS yODA AND MANY MORE.

Just eat it | Reviewer: elite | 10/22/07

I love this song, I love how he copies the Beat it lyrics, and the lyrics, the way he talks about food. It almost makes me imagine Weird Al is talking to some spoiled brat that doesn't want to touch his/her food, and that's makes me find this song even funnier.

V.good | Reviewer: evilishan | 9/25/07

Very good song, gotta say it has some meaning to all those anorexic people and supports those women and men who want to become really has meaning.

So True! | Reviewer: Rebecca D. | 8/14/07

I am a waitress at a resturant where there seem to be alot of picky eaters and complainers. When I heard this song, I deligated it to be our new staff theme song! Whenever a customer complains about the food we go into the kitchen and sing a couple of makes the situation funny instead of angering.

Totally Humorous | Reviewer: Varun | 4/13/07

This is the most fucking comedy song i've ever heard.really fucking good even than white and nerdy or amish paradise.

Totally Humorous | Reviewer: Varun | 4/13/07

This is the most fucking comedy song i've ever heard.really fucking good even than white and nerdy or amish paradise.

LOL | Reviewer: hahaha | 4/11/07

I loved the song beat it and when I heard this I busted a freakin' gut! A great song for anyone, even the anerexick (Whom I hope realise sooner or later that fat people are awsome!!!!!)

Totally Awesum | Reviewer: Kat | 3/31/07

This is so funny!
someone that hates to eat should listen to this song!
Weird Al Yankolvic is Awesum! keep up the good work!

sooo awesome | Reviewer: Josh | 3/14/07

this thing is soooo awesome. i dont know how yoncovic comes up with these things.i would really like to meet this dude.i love the to songs "White and Nerdy" and "Eat it".i know almost word for word for each song.thats because i study his songs. yoncovic has a great you better eat it or im gonna get white and nerdy on im playin, but yoncovic needs to keep up the good work.ill try to look for his album but if i dont, ill keep watching it on youtube. :D ;)

FAT | Reviewer: yo momma | 2/16/07


Eat It | Reviewer: Leilani | 9/1/05

I find this song absolutely hilarius! It's a good song for those who like listening to mick takes or general comedy stuff. So funny! Just eat it..get yaself an egg and beat it!

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