Great song | Reviewer: Flu-Bird | 11/29/2008

Everytime i hear this i often think about the idiotid stunts pulled off by liberal activists like GREENPEACE,PETA,RAINBOW/PUSH and other bunches of fools looking for the attention of the liiberal news media

Good | Reviewer: Your Mom! | 10/16/2007

I like Smells like Nirvana and Amish Paradise better, but I like Smells Like Teen Spirit better that both of them. A solid Weird Al song

hi | Reviewer: henk smits | 4/23/2007

dude, im a weird al fan. i think this weird song is my favourite:D

weird al is great

greatest song | Reviewer: daniel | 5/21/2006

i heard this song on the transformers movie i loved it