Definately An Amazing Band | Reviewer: Paul Abbott | 9/7/05

I have been listening to Weezer for a few years now its intriguing to find out that most people don't listen to them. They always find a good way for the listeners to interpret their songs. On top of that, they play about some of the funniest stuff out. If you don't agree you never heard the Undone Song (The Sweater Song).

I agree | Reviewer: Jennifer | 5/4/05

This band is amazing its strange how so many people do not know that Weezer is a awesome band. Especially Rivers Cuomo!!!!!!!

[UNTITLED] | Reviewer: vanessa | 4/30/05

OMFG i can't believe this!!!
how come no one ddon't know this band or simply post a something about them!! if you don't know anything about this artist then boy you gotta lot to learn