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Performed by Weezer

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Confused? | Reviewer: Marya | 7/11/09

I don't get what this song is about! And if you guys don't like the Jonas Brothers that's okay but no need to be so angry and mean about it!Just saying!Oh and somebody said that this song was out when they were born. That's not true.They were probably about 5 or 6.I'm a Jonas Brothers fan.

Cowards are Anonymous... | Reviewer: Jason | 7/2/09

this song came out before the jonas brothers were even born. plus, all that disney stuff- stop hating. it's for little children. stop picking on little children. but anyway-

wtf is a whil??? somebody got the lyrics wrong. it's supposed to be "wheel". later on in the song he talks about it being flat. now who's the real idiot??

you punk ass kids don't know shit about weezer... but i like your taste and effort.

Weezer FTW :] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/09

Okay for your info like people have already said this has NOTHING to do with the stupid Jonas Brothers, they were probably only young kids when this album was released.

Weezer FTW :]
Weezer is just so amazing, I really like this song and the album.

thats just wrong | Reviewer: NO | 5/12/09

ok i thought in the back of my head the ironical thing ya no my name is jonas and the jonas brothers (who are gay) but i didnt think people would be dumb enough to type it. my name is jonas was written for rivers brother end of story people

Idiots... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/09

Okay everyone who says this song has anything to do with the Jonas Brothers is a fucking idiot and probably heard this song for the first time on GH3 and has never heard any other Weezer songs. This song was recorded in 1994. Which is probably the year the JBs were born. So shut up and stop talking about stupid teenie pop shit and go listen to some real music.

proper review | Reviewer: maisie | 5/3/09

5 star review for a 5 star song! and i agree im a pre-teen and i think disney is a bunch of sh** the singers arent talented and the songs suck! i cant believe they said something bout the jonas brothers!

UMMM | Reviewer: alyssa | 4/24/09

dude this song has nothing to do with the jonas brothers so shut up about them and enjoy this song p.s im a ten year old girl who hates disney channel ITS AN AWESOME SONG and yes im aware that i probally spelled awesome wrong :(

Weezer FTW | Reviewer: John | 4/19/09

The jonas brother's aren't artists they're a human crop that is harvested by Disney to exploit the allowances of teenyboppers.

If you like their "music" then you are either young, or probably have really poor taste. In all likelihood both. Let this be the end of the bickering.

Awesome song, Weezer FTW. Alright sirs and ma'ams?

Oh shut up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/09

If any of you have any respect for musicians, (or anyone for that matter), you'll shut the eff up about the jonas brothers. You dont like their music, okay. But you can't say you don't like them because you don't know them. Stop putting labels on them, as I'm sure all of you are so against, and leave them alone. Oohh, you're tough you can talk shit on the internet! Good for you, now go away.

.-. Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/09

Guys, stop dissing the Jonas brothers. [Yeah, kay, I don't like them either.] But to each his own, you know? [Or her own, @girls who fangirl over tjb] You may be all like LOLOL THEY SUCK BALLS, You're dissing work the people actually [tried] to do.
It may not be good, but shit man, they tried. [I hope, or I'll just shut up now.]

Love the song, I don't get the lyrics in comparison to the meaning of the song, but thanks for them

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