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Performed by Weezer

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Awsome!!! GO WEEZER!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: avenged7foldfreak | 5/16/11

Anonymous was the same as me as far as the story of how i first heard this song (Guitar Hero) but I can play it on real guitar now. Im startin to play nightmare by avenged sevenfold A.K.A my favorite band but they will never beat classic rock!!!
GO WEEZER!!!!!!!!!! :)

to the complainerer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/11

Hey dude, I was just trying to help and was getting annoyed how I couldn't save any of my changes. The 'when we couldn't find sleep' thing was the one I wasn't sure about, I was just questioning it, because tea usually contains caffeine, wouldn't that have a countereffect? Geez don't blame me for not being an expert on tea. I also found ther other lyrics on this other site which I can't find at the moment. As for the crush thing, well nobody's perfect right?
So get off your high horse and relax your nipples.

to the complainer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/10

the lyrics do go "Just like Grandma made, When we couldn't find sleep." tea is traditionally meant to help people fall asleep... and through all your criticisms of you didn't notice the most obvious inaccuracy which would be "They're crush out of batteries." whenit should be fresh...

lyrics are all wrong | Reviewer: Tom | 11/16/10

This is a brilliant song, but someone completely screwed up the lyrics. As someone said before he's carring the WHEEL, not the whil. I also think it's "Just like Grandma made/ When we couldn't find something to eat." That would make much more sense.

And on the fourth stanza his name is Wepeel (or Wakefield), not Wake me up, wth is that

awesome... and NOT about disney | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/10

I'm going to admit it, the first time I heard this song was on guitar hero, but I don't think about stupid J.B. when I hear it.

P.S. I've dropped guitar hero and picked up real guitar and can play this song in real life.


some people are retards | Reviewer: fuck disney | 9/18/09

as you can tell i hate disney at this point in time. they should have never left animated musicals cuz they were isolated there but now my cousins are all omg jonas brothers and hannah montana and honestly it makes me want to punt babies

brilliant! | Reviewer: weezer_rocks | 9/16/09

Ahh this song still rings a bell with me just like it did 15 yrs ago. This may be their best song, and the whole self titled album (the blue one) is great from start to finish and stands the test of time

what??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

thats an awesome song, and like so many people have said has nothing to do with those wanna be rockers the jonas brothers, the jonas brothers are for little girls and gay guys. just sayin they suck...

bunch of hicks | Reviewer: Louville | 7/31/09

all you guys are a bunch of shit talkers the jb do suck balls, but up where i live we have been singing this song around the campfire for many moons, long before those little flat landers decided to come up and make some music my little half nephew Rivers was singing it too his wee brother..when they was little youngins just dreamin about the fame, god damn i taught tem everything they learned quit talking about shit you aint educated in..

truely awesome | Reviewer: dusmo | 7/18/09

I really love this song so much ever since I heard it on guitar hero 3. I love the way the lyrics have been written in a clever way, like most of weezer's other song. over all I think this is there 3rd best song they have ever record sitting below buddy holly and keep fishin'.


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