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Performed by Weezer

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All of you have been wrong so far... | Reviewer: Just a guy... | 5/23/11

Officially, this song is about a girl who wrote Rivers a little letter after hearing a song on the radio. At the time, Rivers was very lonely and thought that this may have been his only chance, though he also thought she was probably some stupid 14 year old girl.
"I could never touch you - I think it would be wrong
I've got your letter
you've got my song."
Whenever I hear this part, I feel really sad for Rivers. It gives me that gut feeling when you are sad at a song like this, listen you may know what I mean.

In response to Chirs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/10

Not to sound like a prick, but this song really isn't related to Puccini's Madame Butterfly, though I can see how someone might get that impression at first glance. Yes, the album is littered with references to the play, but in this particular case, Rivers is actually being the opposite of Pinkerton. Pinkerton, if I recall correctly, was a womanizing bastard that abandoned a Japanese woman he impregnated while visiting the country, and in many of the other songs on the album, Rivers sings about his shame for his inner-pinkerton, and how he's really as bad as he is. In Across the Sea, however, he's the opposite of Pinkerton, the opposite of shallow, the opposite of inconsiderate.

But on an unrelated note, this is a great song on my favorite album of all time.

This song does it to me everytime | Reviewer: Tony | 5/16/10

I remember being a junior in high school when I first got this record, and the bare honesty of this song is what does it for me. I recently fell for a girl from another country who had never heard of Weezer, and now that she's gone, I'm sending her songs all the time. Love ain't easy.

understanding lyrics | Reviewer: chirs | 9/27/07

this song is a recreation of Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly, in which pinkerton (hence the name of the album) feels distanced from his love in Japan. It is written in first position, for he had hurt himself and could only play in first position. This song is possible the coolest song in the post-emo collective

Across the Sea | Reviewer: Ken | 6/8/07

I was holidaying in Japan a week ago and I met a very special girl. Now this song and some photos is all I have to remember her. I hope we end up together.

Weezer-Across the Sea | Reviewer: Rhonda | 6/24/05

This is one of the best written songs I have ever seen. It's poetic nature is captivating and refreshing. It feels like you are actually in Japan.

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