Webb Pierce rhinestone cowboy | Reviewer: vicky adkins | 7/31/14

when i was just a baby. we lived in nashville tn. i remember my mom talking about she worked at a bar called Webb Pierce rhinestone cowboy. i was wondering if it is still there or how long was it opened?

Web Pierce Family Members | Reviewer: John Chambers | 12/15/12

If I remember correctly, Web Pierce and his wife had a son
somewhere around 1960-1962. (About 51 0r 52 years old now?)
Can you tell me his name and how to find bio-information about him or other children. did they sing/record as well?
John Chambers

Swapping Photos with Webb Pierce | Reviewer: Bunnie Saunders | 7/16/11

As a teen I was a big fan of Webb Pierce back in the early to mid 60's. My older brother saw to it that I got to see his show when he was appearing in San Antonio, TX. After the show I went backstage to see if I could get him to aurograph a picture I had gotten out of one of the Country Music magazines I had. Luck was with me and I approached him with picture in hand, but when I asked him if he would sign it for me he just kept looking at it. He asked me if he could "make a deal" with me regarding this particular photo. He hadn't seen this before and it had been taken when he first started out. He wanted to trade that picture for one of his 8 x 10 "glossies". Of course, I obliged and walked away with one of my fondest memories. God bless Webb Pierce!