My all-time hero,Waylon Jennings,by dave osborne | Reviewer: Dave Osborne | 7/29/12

. I was and a still am a fan and until I had a stroke & it affected my ability to play a guitar & sing much of my music were Waylon''s songs. I never went professional and merely played for my own enjoyment and at parties. My youngest daughter's name is Amanda' named after Waylon's song of the same name. I was so sorry to hear that he died and hopefully he went without too much pain & suffering. He died at age 65 and I just turned 66 myself and hopefully I still will live to age 70 or 75. I've got prostate cancer but I am being treated and the treatments seem to be working and my pleased. But as long as I live Waylon's songs will continue to play every day on my computer. LONG LIVE THE KING OF COUNTRY MUSIC!!!

We May Be Related | Reviewer: Christine S. Fitzgerald | 11/15/08

My family came from Greene Co., Tennesse. I looked at old album, and he said his family came from there. My Grandmother's name was Ina May Jennings Sheets born in El Reno, OK. My cousin sent me a letter today that said. ROBERT WAYLEN JENNINGS, born in N.M. 2/21/1915. Before he died, in the early 90's, in Austin, TX, I saw him at outdoor concert, THE HIGHWAYMAN. If he is related to me, Micheal Garotte, French Nobility from Marseille, France. He was cousin to Louis XVI & his wife was Marie Antoinette. He built two ships in Marseille, and brought to N.J. and fought the British. He was good friends with Layayette. Garotte traveled down to Greene Co. to visit his daughter and no one knows where he was buried. Waylon Jennings died so early at age 65, I never had the chance to write him. Christine Sheets Fitzgerald