unbelieveable song...Revelation | Reviewer: Gary Walter | 5/29/12

I heard this song on cirrus radio "The Willie Nelson channel" and I actually stopped the car to hear it. I then wrote the name and artist down and now I play it constantly and I have sent it on to at least 100 people that have never heard of it.
When armegedon does happen, it will be just like the words in this song says. God Bless you Waylon Jennings.

Most memorable song - no one ever heard | Reviewer: BeyondMom | 12/10/11

I have had this song in my mind for nearly 40 years. I have never been able to forget it. I, too have wanted to buy it all of this time. I am hoping that I can buy it on iTunes. Either way, I wish it got more play time on country stations.

I want to buy this song! | Reviewer: Brent | 12/8/07

My dad has been wanting this song for years but the only place he seems to find it is in a box set that cost quite a bit of money. Is there anywhere else I can buy this song or the cd that it is on? Thanks.

really moving | Reviewer: James Smith | 3/3/07

the first time i heard this song by waylon was on the bill mack show on xm171. it makes a person stop and think.

we all will miss waylon