My name is Amanda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/12

My name is Amanda and my aunt would sing this song to me and play her guitar for me growing up. I used to not care much for the song, but now that i am older i realize why and i also have grown to love waylon although he is no longer with us, his legend lives on within me it seems. When i hear this song i smile because it brings back memories. I have come to realize that waylon is GREAT!!

What this song means to me | Reviewer: Steve Van Hoose | 9/17/11

I've been a Bluegrass/Country performer for about 30 years now. Amanda was the VERY first song I ever sang before an audience. My knees were knocking together as I sang, but when I finished, everyone whooped and hollared, and a ham was born. Hearing that song always brings back that memory. Will miss you Waylon.

What this song means to me 2..... | Reviewer: Amanda | 2/19/10

when i was born my dad loved this song much mum and him named me after it..As a kid my dad would get jolly and crank it and sing it to me wit such passion god bless him.. When i was a child i didnt like the song, but now as a adult I really like the words and understand where he was coming from and why he named me Amanda.... I look bak and it touches my heart when ever i think of it..

Amanda | Reviewer: Amanda | 3/13/09

Waylon sang this to me at a concert in Owensboro, Kentucky in 1993 when I was 13. I hate country music, but my dad always liked Waylon and wanted me to go with him. My little sister and I were the youngest people at the concert as far as I could see, and Waylon talked to us between songs. When he found out my name, he sang the song to me but with different words than the Amanda song on his album.

What this song means to me | Reviewer: Amanda | 8/5/08

When I was younger my dad would listen to this song and he would sing it to me and to this day when he sings this song it still makes me cry because I know how he feels about me and when I was mad at him I would listen to this song and feel better

Amanda | Reviewer: Amenda | 1/19/08

when I was little, I was listening to this song... and I was surprise that a man was calling me from this song...LOL..but Mom told me that Dad named me after this song...and I was happy...but, still...I'm happy that Dad named me after this song...

Amanda | Reviewer: Amanda | 9/14/07

This song really means a lot to me. my great aunt birdie use to sing it to me all the time when i was little. she passed not too long ago and i will always hold this song close to my heart. love ya bird!!!