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Performed by Warrant

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha | 11/11/12

sometimes when i ws little i would hear a song more than likely my dad was playing and it would get stuck in my head.this was one of them.i don't remember when i heard this but i hadn't heard it in probably 9 years but it was still stuck in my head.not today but sometime a couple months ago i looked up the lyrics and was surprised about what the lyrics were.soon after i heard it on the radio and it was on classic rock its on vh1 classics hard i am a little obsessed with it.i told my friend about it and the lyrics and she watched the lyrics video.i'm trying to get her to watch the actual music video.we're both 12 but she turns 13 in jan. and me in aug.she hates metal and rock but the only reason she likes this is because what its about.she also likes i want action by 6 yr. old sister sings both even though shes only heard me sing cherry pie.she loves other sister hates rock and metal like my friend butshe likes a few songs.cherry pie was #57 on the hard 100.the girl in this video was also in great white's once bitten twice of the other songs i remember fromwhen i was little is breakin the law by judas priest.

Cherry Pie | Reviewer: Torrence | 12/16/08

Hahah, it's funny how everyone adored this song however Joey Allen said he could "shoot himself in the head for writing that fucking song", because this song became the highlight of their career and it's the most memorable song basically. But still, I love it.

Sweet Song! | Reviewer: GamerErman2001 | 12/1/07

Heh heh. This is such a funny song. Filled with a lot of innuendos and slang. It cracks me up every time, but it still rocks out HARD.

SAWEEETT!!! | Reviewer: haley | 9/22/07

This is one of tha best songs EVER!!!! i absolutely LOVE it!!! its so awesome that its on guitar hero!!!! i rock out ta this song!!!!

i love u and ur song | Reviewer: kasandra | 7/9/07

this song rocks i love it so much and i listen to it every chance i get wich is every day and every hr one the hr i dont no what woould i do if that song went extint i guss i would go extint too if u no what i mean well thank u so much 4 macking this song and thank u 4 getting the band togther and macking that song plus o0ther songs but mainly 'SWEET CHERRY PIE'bye.

Awesome | Reviewer: Krystle | 6/14/07

Oh My God this song is the best ever. There is no song that can compare to Cherry Pie!!!!

Good Song | Reviewer: fish | 5/29/07

This song always gets my girlfriend in the mood to fuck my brains out. I love it. I have a cd of nothing but this song.

amazing! | Reviewer: Lola | 5/15/07

This song is the best I've ever heard. It's the best song on guitar hero... i listen to it over and over on my ipod!

about cherry pie | Reviewer: Japle | 4/22/07

i love this fuckin song. it is the best fuckin song i have ever heard.

thank uu | Reviewer: Caitlin | 4/18/07

thank u so much 4 theses lyrics they helped me through the song i loooove this song & i have only heard it 1 time and i already love it my boyfriend colton is at my house rite now and he made me listen 2 this song this has to be 1 of my #1 song next to buy you a drink by T pain

rockin song | Reviewer: Hillary | 4/15/07

this is aweosme i cant wait to play it on guitar hero!! ii love this song it reminds me of my brothers girlfried!! haha

Great song | Reviewer: Katelyn | 3/10/07

i think this is one of the best songs. i love it!

tasty pie | Reviewer: Gustav | 2/9/07

Its a very good song and loves to play it on guitar hero

rock on | Reviewer: nikki | 1/24/06

One of the best groups and a major songs that everyone must have on CD or I pods. The song is one of their greatest hits. The video is cool too.

She's my cherry pie | Reviewer: Jake | 8/27/04

I do believe this is the best song ever next to Purple Haze.

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