Warner at Mocking Bird Hill Park In Anderson, Indiana | Reviewer: Sticks Bailey (Drummer) | 10/30/12

The Gentry Brothers and I ( Drummer) Gentry Bros from Richmond, In. We done at show with Warner back in the 60's , He was singing some lady handed him a piece of paper, On it show wrote," Your Fly is Unzipped " He turned red, What a show this was, Way to go Warner

Meeting Warner | Reviewer: JACK ANDRICK | 12/28/08

Our band backed Warner when he was in Columbus, Ohio some years ago. His songs, professionalism and attitude won the hearts of every crowd with each performance.
After having the opportunity to chat with Warner he gained my total and absolute respect as a songwriter, singer, musician and especially a great human being.
A kinder gentleman you will never find. It was such a great privilege to meet someone we can all describe as simply, "A GOOD FRIEND THAT BROUGHT US TRUE FEELINGS OF LIFE THROUGH HIS LYRICS."
Thank you Warner