A Big Thanks | Reviewer: Fred Kho | 1/5/2008

I have been searching for this song for awhile. Although I have the version by Gladys Knght, I had lost the 'revised' cover and forgotten who sang it. Thank you heaps to Audrey B for supplying the lyrics and thus the artist. Now I will see if I can track the CD by Wanda Jackson!

May 2008 be great for all

too worldly | Reviewer: dale mcalpine | 12/23/2007

Hello ...this song is not edifying to the Lord ...its too much like the world ...i also think that some of your other songs are not fitting of someone that claims to be christian ..if you have never heard the gospel beofore here it is :
Do you realise you have sinned against a holy God ..the bible says its appointed once for man to die ...then judgement ...God will judge us by the 10 commandments ...have you ever lied ?...even once ?...then you are a liar and the bible says that no liar will enter heaven ...have you ever stolen anything ?..even something small ?...then your a theif and God will not let any theif into heaven ...have you ever used Gods name as a swear word ?...thats called blasphemy a very serious sin ...God will not hold him/her guiltless that misuses His name ...in order for you to be saved you must repent (turn from sin) and put your trust in Jesus ...He died on the cross for sinners like me and you ...He paid your fine ...when He was on the cross He said " It is finished" ...He paid your fine ...now its up to you ....dont worship idols ...Jesus is the only way ....all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved ....He is coming back soon and those not saved will suffer horribly ....repent today ...tomorrow is not guaranteed.