Response to Sergio | Reviewer: Kertez | 6/28/13

Well, this kid made me laugh, I didn't even bother reading through it all to be honest. You do realise, that Jesus was titled 'King of Jews' right?...
Gah, why am I even responding. I love this song just because it sums up all religion and the fools who follow it.
Enjoy living in fear of your fake creator.

to all god fans, LEAVE IF YOU ARE SO DISPLEASED! | Reviewer: lalaloopsy | 6/3/13

for all who see Mr.Sergios message (who by the way is a latin, yes like me, but where the fandom of catolicism comes from) um, what are people like him doing here if they dont like things like this at all. What are they looking for? dont they have a god to praise?
apart from that, voltaire has a great ability to portray lyrics the way they should be. He says all he wants to say and with amazing music.

fear | Reviewer: sergio | 4/13/13

God does has he pleases, your opinion does not count, when you boast these lyrics you become an hipocrite, god cannot lie.
You better be in his good side or face destruction, the jews killed his firstborn, and he forgave then, who ever nows jesus also knows God, because everything he did had Gods consent.

Jesus is king of the earth whe are his property he does of us has he pleases, he is righteous and truthfull, if you hate him you hate yourself, our bodies are bound to the law of this earth but our spirit if he wants never will it die.

Whe have science, whe have filosofy, critics of all sort but if science exists is because he wants so, if a person descovers something is because he desired so, but know this all knowledge of man is nothing compared to the knowledge of the stupedest in the heavens, he can turn water into wine, he can walk over seas, he can calm the storms, he can expel evil, he can resurrect the dead, if he wanted he could turn stone into bread he could move mountains just bey hes words, can science do any of these things, he knows the secrets of life the secrets no man knows.

But only faith will reveal it, for whoever has faith the laws of the earth do not apply.

so what do you think now.

Open your eyes, maybe you'll see. | Reviewer: Trey | 2/20/12

Love how it sounds. By the second time I heard this song I figured out exactly what he was saying. People are responsible for their actions, and no matter if you say it's because God told you to do it, it's still wrong and you'r probably just listening to your own twisted conscience.

I wish more people toon this song to heart, but that's just how the world is.

great song!!!! according to a christian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/12

I'm a church going God fearing christian and I love this song. I love how I can sit in a church and look around at how many jerks this song applies to. P.S. to all misinformed athiests: not all christians r closed minded morons. There are people like me who are equally tolerant of another's religion or lack thereof. Don't stereotype, or risk becoming the stone-throwers yourselves

My faith in humanity is restored! | Reviewer: Nefaereti | 3/8/11

Never posted here before...but I gotta say it: To Hanan and Constance_Keat...You guys just restored my faith in humankind. :)

First Voltaire song I ever heard and the raw truth of it still has me choked up. Sad so many of us (both fans of the song and its critics) don't get it...

Thanks Hanan | Reviewer: Constance_Keat | 11/11/10

The only one who got it right here was Hanan. Voltaire writes songs that open people eyes to the real world and what's going on. There are lots of bands like that, and either people listen or they don't. There's really no need to post stuff like that if you don't like what he said.

To those who throw stones | Reviewer: Hanan | 10/14/10

I was really surprised by the responces that where intended for Jim.
Its obvious that jim hasn't ubderstood the song's meaning, that is if he actually read it before responding, and 'was the first to throw a stone'.
but It seems like the people who wrote the responses haven't really understood the song either.
they were hateful, self-righteous, judgmental..
and many stones were thrown..
statements like:

'We think its cool 'cause we realize how stupid you are'
'You need to move out of your mothers basement'
'You wanna cry about it? Come talk to me when your testicles descend'
'The idea of drowning babies belongs to an asshole like you'

statements like these are much more hateful and mean than what Jim wrote, and I think that the people who wrote them should think more before writing violent things like that towards a man they only know through a few lines he wrote. and maybe instead of attacking him they could help him understand the song..

also I think some people haven't understood the song.

someone commented:
'HE (God) DOESNT GIVE A DAMN'- why do you think you know or your what god thinks? you just did exactly what Voltaire said. You used god,or a perception of god(or the lack of one) for your agenda .

The song doesn't say that god doesn't exist, or that all people that believe in god are idiots. It only deals with the issue of people using God as an excuse for them to attack some one for his way of life, for his ideals. Hiding behind the defence of -'God thinks' instead of saying 'I think' -therefore it must be right and every body else are wrong. unfortunately many people behave that way.
The song deals with bad ethics and hateful manners and the way they are 'approved' by being connected with god.
Yet, even without being associated with god hateful violent conduct leads no where good.

Jim, Voltaire by no means wants you to drown a baby, he only gave that example to show that every thing that happens is god's doing, good or bad, cause He thinks god is you and me god is everything. even if we don't understand it.

For Jim | Reviewer: Drakan | 5/19/10

You REALLY need to get out more. :/ If this is your first song you've heard from Voltaire, then you've really no sense of humor. That is, IF you heard it in the first place instead of just reading these lyrics. It's quite likely. And thanks, but I was still crazy before then. :/

To me, he's saying that it's people's fault, but are using God as an excuse, especially the bit -> "all people like you are an embarrassment to creation; self-righteous, judgmental, first to throw the stone, and using His name for your own agenda/protection." Let's see. Religion is a major part of the Crusades, for instance, and how many people died because of it? Hmmm... It's quite true. One reason I became atheist, actually.

Quite frankly, no one knows if that's what God thinks, if there is such a being like that. That's the other bit of my opinion.

Jim doesn't get it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/10

People like you claim to know the word of god and yet, more or less, you tend to completly" stray from the path" all the while spouting gibberish about "God likes this" or "God doesn't like that" and yet from my knowledge of religion i believe that what "God" wants is a world that is'nt bound by symbols and beliefs but that is still fair

Jim, you're a jerk | Reviewer: Mariya | 2/17/10

You are absolutely blind. People like YOU are the source of violence, hatred and "sin". The idea of drowning babies belongs to an asshole like you that lived a couple of centuries ago, and Voltaire just delivers the "truth" you believe in. We think its cool 'cause we realize how stupid you are, if you believe that you mean so much to God.

Voltaire is like me | Reviewer: Nick | 1/21/10

This song sounds like my observation of religion speech in the end of high school of the ideals that delude themselves with the precepts of good and evil. This song really represents the pinnacle of philosophical cristisism of beliefs that outgrow the man or woman who thought of it. Good and evil is to me nothing but what those who see and hear your choices and action judge it to be with their prefed values and definition of good and evil.

Decadence | Reviewer: Scarlett | 9/22/09

The more and more I listen to Voltaire the more and more I'm reminded of stuff I read in college about Neitzsche. Its refreshing really just to get to listen to a song so honest and not into this politically correct idiocity just to point out that those who spout morality tend to be the most immortal.

Its amazing really, people use the terms good and evil without really understand the biggest implication of calling something "wrong" without knowing it is just contradicting yourself. I adore this song and just think Voltaire is truely inspiration. It's very insightful, funny and articulate. Its so far to actually listen to music that lives up to itself rather than pretentious ideals and artifical emotions.

With this guy, you know what he says about religions comes from observation rather than being force fed ideals. I can relate to this type of veiw as despite counting myself religious I hate people saying they know what God wants and sorry - unless you are a prphet and seen the end of the world thats BS. The day I hear a song by Voltaire that isn't as enjoyable as it is thought provoking is going to be the day the world ends.

I agree with Voltaire | Reviewer: Amber | 8/25/09

That thing about promoting violence gave me a good chuckle. He is simply saying no religion is right and people are hateful and ignorant. Don't like the song? Don't complain about it. There are people out there that don't agree with the religion you want them to. And if they don't; don't go whining about it. I for one consider Voltaire a role model!

I agree with Voltaire | Reviewer: Amber | 8/25/09

That thing about promoting violence gave me a good chuckle. He is simply saying no religion is right and people are hateful and ignorant. Don't like the song? Don't complain about it. There are people out there that don't agree with the religion you want them to. And if they don't; don't go whining about it. I for one consider Voltaire a role model!