Aww. Poor baby. | Reviewer: Angyl | 3/28/09

Listen here, Sai Davidson.. You need to move out of your mothers basement. There actually IS a world out there. (Shocking, I know, right?) Voltaire was making fun of paranoid idiots like you. Go ahead and spout the "Word of God" but keep in mind, you guys don't have an original thought in your tiny little heads. Hell you people can't even form your own symbol. Instead you mutilate one centuries older. I'm a fucking priest of one of the oldest religions in the world and I find this song bloody hilarious. Grow up. You wanna cry about it? Come talk to me when your testicles descend.

Response to Jim: | Reviewer: Morgan | 3/19/09

The reason the world is so decadent and evil is because people like you don't understand the joke, and simply strike at it without attempting to see the humor, since it is nothing but humor. Please, before committing the heinous crime of stupidity, read and think about what you type.

5/5 for the song!

Some people can't understand | Reviewer: Zach | 2/1/09

Voltaire doesn't promote violence,woman abuse and child murder,most of his songs are satirical,if you don't understand the mesage,shut up,the mesage is simple,"god" is a tool,and it's something diferent for everybody,and there is no "right" religion.

think before you scorn | Reviewer: ken | 12/8/08

Voltaire is the one who made the song and much like his namesake uses a slight comedic twist in his lyrics to show 1) how the world thinks about it and 2) to infuriate people like jim so they get off their asses and do somethink about it.
before you go dissing his lyrics learn about why he wrote it like that but i bet Jim doesn't even know who Voltaire is.(The Theologion)

voltaire is awesome! :) | Reviewer: An educated youth | 11/21/08

well jim davidson...perhaps your life is based on ingnorence...who said anything about drowning babies? Maybe you imagined this due to the fact your life is one big plea for something more? You want some divine being to guide you for everything? Your answer was based on the fact your a ill use the popular term 'jesus freak'

Jim | Reviewer: Jim Davidson | 11/17/08

I feel sorry for the obviously twisted person who wrote and performed this purifdy. I also feel sorry for those who are so out of touch with reality that they it is cool. Since when did gratuitous violence like drowning babies get to be cool? If this is what drives the passions of the world's youth it is no wonder that society is growing more and more decadent and evil.

God thinks this song is true. | Reviewer: Katie | 1/27/08

I have to say, it's funny that my friend and I were debating God's existance when this song came on the radio, it made me laugh when I heard the line, "Why do you think that God would need your dirty money if he wants to start a holy war?"

Lovin It! | Reviewer: Tiffany | 11/1/07

My friend just recently got me hooked on Voltaire! I love it and I have to agree with some people with saying it is my favorite song by him...even though the song Goodnight Demon Slayer was totally awesome this beats it!

Indeed | Reviewer: Nata | 10/30/07

God is you and me...That means everything that exists is made of everything. All existence is entwined...death and life.

. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/07

i don't get that ____ is you and me ____ is everything i heard that phrase before what does it mean?

WIN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/07

This song is the best song in the world. Now if only it's messaged could be sent throughout it.

God Thinks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

Probably my favorite of all of Voltaire's songs, though you do tend to get odd looks whenever someone hears you singing a snippet of it. The other song that is equally awesome would have to be "Graveyard Picnic."

God thinks this song is funny. | Reviewer: Omi | 6/16/07

XDD I'm a recent fan of Voltaire, and have heard a grand total of three songs (God thinks, The Headless Waltz, and my favourite, When You're Evil) and he's one of my favourite singers. That's all it takes. One song. Get as much as you can, because it's well worth the listen !