Reviews for Graduation (Friends Forever) Lyrics

Performed by Vitamin C

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i love this song | Reviewer: ashlee | 5/13/06

i love this song. we have to sing it at 8th graduation. i kno people will cry their eyes out. So congrats to everybody who graduating. bye

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/05

This was my sisters graduation song and OMG how many tears came from the student body and how many people talked to each other and were hugging and exchanging addresses and phone numbers and they weren't even that close of friends or have even hung out.... And at my school the graduating class get's to choose the song and that will definatly be one of the choices being voted for.. Thanks!,

I love it.... | Reviewer: Dylan | 10/31/05

I love this song... I sang it for everyone as a 'special presentation' at my 8th grade graduation.... everyone was amazed and crying.... I love it

WOOT | Reviewer: Carmina | 10/12/05

this song rules. I used to move around a lot so i had to leave my friends and so I sang this song. it is not only called Graduation, but also Friends Forever, which is why i love it soo much, it had helped me through the hard times of moving and losing.

Class of 2005 Graduating Class | Reviewer: Anna | 6/13/05

This song is what life will be for those who graduate from high school. Lots of memories, tears will be cried during the day of graduation cuz we wont see those people till our high school reunion. Its a excellent graduation song!


Ok | Reviewer: chicky | 6/6/05

I hate this song. I had to sing in 4 th grade for my moving up ceremony and I will never forget. Do you people know what it is like to sing this song in a crowded gym with 180 other kids squished around you? A terrible experience! Now as I will being going to High School next year, I wil make a parody of this song and sing it at my moving up cremony! It will shock everyone but it will be true!

song | Reviewer: natalie | 6/3/05

thissongisgreat we played at our dance we stareted to cry when i listen toit agin i think about all the fun i had in 8 th grade and all ur friends

about this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/05

we played it at are 8TH grade dane everyone cried it reminds you your not comin back and seein ur friends ne more i loved this song

graduation | Reviewer: Anh Tran | 5/13/05

it made me cry listening to it again coz it reminded me so much of the beautiful days at school, which were so far away now

yes | Reviewer: stacey | 4/15/05

this song rocks. it was perfect for my 8th grade graduation all the parents cried!

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