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Performed by Violetta

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i love you | Reviewer: jane wambui | 4/14/14

yeah am deeply passionate about this song and how violetta doesnt care abt wat people think about her love 4 leon though she knows that deep down thomas takes her breath away.i think thomas deserves a chance coz he really dont brag about what he feels as much as leon.

no | Reviewer: neo | 3/7/14

Leon deserves violetta I don't like tomas its better he's with francesca. Violetta hurt francesca so bad and fran doesn't care, if it was me I wouldn't have been friends with her ever again by dating or writing love songs with my crush no no vilu was out of line. Its better Maxi with nati, tomas with fran. Broadway with camila, leon and violetta!

Love is magical | Reviewer: Liliana | 2/8/14

I love this sng too!!! Violetta is trying to make herself believe she doesn't like thomas but she knows in her heart that its really thomas dat she loves bt she is lying to herself dat its leon that she loves .... I love this song so much

jiji u and vilo | Reviewer: jiji lamana | 1/30/14

wow the song was romantic and I think its for tommy there so perfect together but Lyudmila spoils the love and so did her jealous boyfriend Léon why do they keep on jetting in between them

I luv you | Reviewer: Mercy emimmy | 1/6/14

I luv this song and doing al im my capacity to make sure i get the lyrics bec this is where the real romance comes in and the most interestin and romantic part in violetta, vilo sing the song specially for ha and tomas then ludmila comes in and spoils it al but if vilo and tomas could stort out dier differences 2gether then they make a great couple bec they are cute 2gether.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Kaella bailey | 10/19/13

I love this song by violetta because it's where she falls in love with tomas and I think that violetta and Tomas make a great couple they are so cute together but then there love is spoiled by ludmila and her boyfriend Leon xxx

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