In loving memory of my father | Reviewer: Edward Dovey | 2/24/11

My father died on the 25th March, 2010. He was 60. He'd been suffering in silence for a while, he died of Liver Failure. He was too stubborn to let the family know, so when he died, it came as a shock to us all. I was asked to organise the music and read the eulogy for my father, which I was more than proud to do. After searching the internet for the "right" song, Vince Gill's "Go Rest High" just leapt out at me. Thankyou Vince for such a powerful, but yet so beautiful, song. Dad, if you're watching, I love you, and miss you. Rest In Peace big guy!

Through It All | Reviewer: Shawn Williams | 12/8/10

Following my mother's death on this year, it hurts to see my mom in the hospital, and I thought my life was painful to the end of all my troubles, my sins, my sadness. But Vince Gill sings his song for the first time, and I learn to walk by faith, and not by sight. I love you, and you'll always in my heart to believing in me. Thanks!

in Loving Memory of My Dad | Reviewer: Debbie | 9/4/10

My Dad passed away on May 30, 2006. Although he never suffered from a lengthly illness he left us suddenly. My dad lived life to the fullest and died the way he always wished, in the Garden at his summer home,with the sun shining and with a smile on his face... After his passing I was playing Vince's CD and the words to this song really took hold of me. I played it over and over and really helped heal the pain of his loss. Thank you for this wonderful song.

For my mother | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/10

My mother passed away on December 21, 2007 and this was the first time I had ever heard this song. It so typified the life my mom had. She was left a widow at age 37 and had 7 children to raise on her own. I do not know where she got the strength. When I heard this song, I cried my eyes out and I am no young man (59 at the time) When I think of all the suffering my mom had in life, physically, mentally and financially I always admired her courage.

Rest in Peace Mom, I love you

in memorie of paul michel riley | Reviewer: tisha-k | 12/20/09

this song was played when my grandmothers brother died of a heartattcak he was verey young he died in october of 1996 he watched over me while i was in the hospital i was born on june 14 1996 and i was in the hospital for five months after my birth my due date was two and a half months before that and i never got to met him but we have vidoes of me talking to this energy floating in the mid-air im 13 now and this cristmas makes 13 years hes been gone and i am going to be lighting a candle and setting a card that says "wish we could be together at Christmas,talking and laughing and having fun..." then on the inside it says "...even though we can't,you'll be close i thought and close in heart,just like always. merry christmas" i have written him a poem my grandmother always tells me "if you write a letter then you put it in a fire the words will float to beloved one you wish for them to seek if you wish to support me in my disision or would like to tell me your story of what you do on the big anverserys of your beloved ones you may E-mail me at i will reply back it might take me a while but i will E-mail you back but you must subject the E-mail as "dear mike" or els i WILL NOT reply i will think it is a sales add and deleat the E-mail

my aunt. | Reviewer: Megan | 4/4/09

My aunt passed away a few weeks ago. and it was very touching for me. we were very close. This song was played at her funeral. and everytime i here this song i cry. This song is a very good song. Her life ended way to short. she was only 41. She was a very good person. She could always make anyone around her, any of her family members, or just some friends laugh. She had the most sweetest, voice. We would do a lot of things together:)
I love you michelle, and i will always have you in my heart, r.i.p michelle.

In Memory of my Husband of 39 years | Reviewer: Patty | 2/25/09

When my husband passed away in October 2008, I knew he did not want a traditional funeral. He chose cremation before he died and said "just throw my ashes or bury me on the mountain. I want to be here (Wyoming Mountains) when I am gone. My son suggested at his memorial that we play this song. It so depicts his life on earth and the feelings I have encountered since his death. Thank you Lord and Thank you Vince Gill for the moments you have shared through this song and the memories I will always share of my husband and our lives together.

lady reading over Vince | Reviewer: Dee | 8/5/08

Vinces song...Go Rest High On The Mountain was played at my sisters funeral....I have found a song ....that I cannot get any info on.....a lady is reading a poem during Vinces song......I believe it is my sister.....can anyone give me an idea who is singing this or who the lady is ?I cannot find this song on lime or any other music one has ever heard it ....all I get are are bunch of to title and song....Does anyone out ther know who this lady could be that is doing the voice over to Vinces song?? I want to believe this is my dead sister Judy ....but I am also not open to wo wo junk....there has to be a perfectuly actual answer to this ....thanks.....

Amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/08

When my uncle pass away three weeks later i was going to lunch and skipping though the channels on my siruis radio and stop on this song it was like he was trying to tell me something and it made me stop in the middle of the street because i started to cry remembeing how bad he had it when he waS little and how true the song was to him

Pain | Reviewer: David | 6/17/08

Following my mother's death in 1991, I remember hearing this song some three of four years later. The pain I have felt these 17 years is unbearable. I have pushed so many people away for fear they may leave me too. Listening to this song over the past 13 or 14 years is one of the only releases I have.
My mother left this world due to suicide, and I still can't understand why. She was a brilliant person and a godly individual. My anger is great for this world and when I listen to this song, it bring forgiveness to my soul. To this day I still have trouble visiting her grave site. My prayer today is that I will love again and trust in my self to be happy. I thank Vince GILL for writting this song, as it shows me light at the end of this painful life I have lived.
Thank you,
David (