max far | Reviewer: max fardo | 8/3/07

For those of you old enough to remember The Muppet Show. Jim Henson's troupe used this song for one of their best sketches, The Viking Sketch. In The Navy played while pig muppets wearing viking attire attacked a shore village, burning & looting & chasing women. It was absolutely hilarious. Henson said in a 60 Minutes interview that it took 4 days to do the sketch, leaving 1 day to shoot the rest of the show. Raquel Welch was the guest star that week.

I love this song! | Reviewer: coty martin | 3/9/07

this song touches my heart everytime i hear the words. like a beautiful elixer of love flowing into my heart...and i am acually

LOL Song | Reviewer: E-1 | 2/10/07

I'm a Seaman Recruit in the US Navy, I love this song!

absolutly wonderful | Reviewer: Autumn H | 12/8/06

i first heard this song on a movie i watched and i'm in NJROTC and i just had to get the lyrics to show Chief and Captain!

In the Navy - Theme Song | Reviewer: Alice | 10/21/06

I love the song and I am going to use it as the theme song during my daughter's departure party who is going to the Navy.

I love the other Villager's song too. It makes me happy and dancing, especially the YMCA. It is always a favorite in any party, makes every ne singing and dancing.

Fantastic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/06

This song is amazing. It has rhyme and rythm. I could listen to it all day. It just makes you wanna dance to the music. I love it. Best song of all time no doubt. It beats every kind of music except for Techno. YAY!!!!

fantastic | Reviewer: john | 1/16/05

this song is fantastic i like the rythem and the words arnt too bad either, i love the village people ps im not gay