This is 3 far | Reviewer: Benedickt | 1/16/14

My gay friend Alex is in the navy so I give him a hand ;) and then I bend him over the table and insert ;)That doesn't mean I h8 this song because I love a navy fetish ;)Don't h8 me cuz you ain't me #yolo#sweg

Who cares if it's a "gay" song or not? | Reviewer: PJ | 10/20/12

Those who are saying "it's not a gay song" are just homophobic. Who the f*ck cares? Well, you do for a start? I'm sure there are more important things in the world for you to worry about.

Great song | Reviewer: Claudia | 10/12/12

There are no hidden messages in this song, just everyone presuming there is because it was sung by a band that had a couple of open gay guys in it, and the person that wrote the song was not gay he had a female partner that later became his wife... So get your minds above your naval and stop thinking that it is some kind of gay anthem...

to want be a nurse | Reviewer: briana carlisle | 8/31/12

i think i want to cum over and vist the navy and help the solder and the people around them yes i am brian a carkisle and i want do something with my life and i want to be happy and want to ake something of my life i do yes i do yes this is me yes i can do it brian a carlisle

gay? | Reviewer: louise | 1/7/12

I love this catchy song, really emphasises the joys and chivalry of being in the navy, in turn its a great advertisment for young men/women considering it as a career path. No idea why people debate how homosexuality comes into it. If anything its sexism and strerotypical influences that linger in the lyrics, join fellow man and they're signing up seamen. Etc. Perhaos its a stark reminder of how sexism never
changes, although thats life! Still a great tune!

Denial much? | Reviewer: Oh honey | 10/28/11

No hidden meaning? You guys are killing me. The Village People were an openly gay group who dressed as all the silly homosexual sterotypes.

NO HIDDEN MEANING - really? Try these lyrics "What am I going to do in a submarine?"

This line is in response to all the idiot politicians and hate mongers who always said gays can't be in the military cause no one wanted to serve with them on a submarine.

Great song. | Reviewer: verd | 7/16/11

When this song came out I was in the Navy. It was a fun song accepted by all as a theme for the navy that we all dreamed of joining and seeing world. There was no reference to hidden messages or homosexuality. The Navy even want to use the song as a recruitment pitch and the band offered it for free if they could use a ship for the video. It was a great song that capture every element of the action that was and is the "Navy." If anyone has some lurid perception of this fun song. Then, I guess, they probably have manhood issues. I wasn't until later that the Gay theme aspect was attached to the song, in part, because of the song San Francisco and the fact that at least one of the member was gay. However, the lead singer was never homosexual. He was married to Mrs. Huxstable from the cosby show. Phylicia Rashad. The whole gay conspiracy angle is just simply "crap" from the feeble minded. Love the song and the rest of the band's music. Get over it.

Get over it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/11

I was in the navy for years, and of course this song has a hidden message. Not to mention the village people were uber gay, but who cares its a great song. I still get teased all the time for being ex-navy now that Im in the army , but this song always makes everyone laugh. Great song LOL

In The Na'vi ? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/10

My friend has just digitally remastered his fb profile pic as a Na'vi warrior from Avatar. I like to give my modern take on the song, but the words are already perfect. " In the Na'vi....They want you, they want you, they want you as a new recruit. "

GLBT song | Reviewer: deadnotsleeping | 6/5/10

Hey... um... I'm glad all you military guys like this song. But you should know that the Village People were a gay band (since most disco listeners then were gay), and this song draws on the stereotype/ gay fetish of sailor life being full of sex. :)

Recruiting tool | Reviewer: Heather | 3/11/10

I'm a seaman Apprentice in the Navy. I'm still a recruit though. Next week my recruiting office is holding a competition to see who can recruit the most people. I'm thinking about using this song as an opener before i start explaining the navy. It's got a catchy tune, it explains some of the benefits of the navy, and it says they want you as the new recruit which gets the first part of my message across.

Excellent Brass Band Music | Reviewer: Petty Officer Second Class Barungtsang | 1/19/10

I'm Petty Offficer Second Class Barungtsang of Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Corps 307 Mariner in British Columbia. We are playing this song for Band Comp this year and I have to say it is one of the better pieces of music. I personally think it's better than "Army of the Nile" or the "Standard of St. George". The trumpets are lucky because they get to play the melody, however I play Alto Saxophone. I hope, I get to play this song at Quadra(summer camp). XD

Great stuff! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/09

I'm a senior officer aboard a sub. A Navy man for most of my life. I love music of all kinds. Even by today's standards, this song is still relevant. It's quite original in concept, structure and presentation. Elementally simple yet effective. There isn't any "hidden" agenda in the lyrics exept apparent to those who want to find something there. Also, I could care less whether the artists were/are actually gay. The point is they're talented and their work is appreciated. Too bad the Navy didn't go through with the publicity campaign years ago that incorporated this song. I think it would have been great for public relations, marketing and recruitment.


to: i hate this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/08

what bad messages are hidden in this song? you said about bad messages but all this song is saying to join the Navy. Do you have something personal against the Navy? Im a navy brat, and I think this song is excellent. The only way you can hate this song is if you have something against this type of music or this group or the Navy. That's all I can think of.

I really like this song.

i hate this song | Reviewer: oreo973 | 10/20/07

this song sux!!!!! i absoleutely hate it!!!!!!! its dumb and has hidden messages that are bad for kids!!!!!