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Performed by Vertical Horizon

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greatt songg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/08

awesome song about a guy who's in love with a girl who knows that he's= perfect for her but for some reason she's afraid to love him back
Great lyrics.. just an all around great song. LONG LIVE THE 90'S!

Killerslove | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/07

This song is so how I feel right now! I like a guy but he totally avoids me I'm trying everything for him to notice me but it's not working I try to get over him but it doesn't work :(

This song is for my boyfriend and I love him to death!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Katie Burns | 11/13/07

This song is to my boyfriend he has alway been there for me. I so happy that we love each other too. thank you god for evry thing!!!!!!!!!
_ Katie Burns

random review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

this song shows tht girls are xxxches and what really matters is whether someone looks good or not, all that crapo about what i need what i want meeeh, they just want the holy penis

*- Starlight - | Reviewer: *- Starlight -* | 10/25/07

this song is about love and bad situation each two people... it's not about God...... i love it !

The Best Story... | Reviewer: Marija | 10/19/07

These are among the best lyrics I have ever had a chance to know about. The melody is also great.Who ever wrote this song is the best..

It says so many things,it is perfect..Perfect for me,actually..I can find myself in these lyrics,my soul,the situation I'm in..

And I also think that this song is prefect for movies or even games..
Game-Final Fintasy 8, perhaps..
Movie-wow,which one doesn't match?!..

What I wanted to say is that this song is great..It's perfect..It's beautifull..

blah. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/07

This song is not about god. it is about some girl and some guy and some bad situation. if it was about god, it would only be playing on christian radio stations. god isnt anything that i want or need, so if you have (wrong) opinions about what the song is about, keep it to yourself.

About the song everything you want performed by Vertical Horizon! | Reviewer: abby | 9/10/07

this song is soo true about ME...And it's really touchy...cause of the stuff i went though...
and besides reading the lyrice or even listening to get's me away from everybody around Me...

so this is my favorite Song!!!!!EVER!!

He's just waiting for a surrender.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/07

In reading over the responses of other reviewers, it is sad to realize that this song is a perfect description of the way people either do, or do not, relate to God. He IS everything we want or need, but he means nothing to most of us --and we actually DO know why. We want his job, but we cannot handle it.

Larry in Virginia Beach

this song is the best | Reviewer: makayla | 8/24/07

i love this song its my favirote song by vertical horizon i love its melody and rythm who ever wrote this song has a talent in songwriting because this song is a hit for vertical horizon and this song kinda in a way relates to me in the 2nd verse when it says theres always something more you wish hed say that relates to something thats going on in my life with a guy i care about im not gonna go in to details its personal but i like this song cause it relates to my life and i like songs that relate to my life in some ways. if i ever was at a cd store or walmart kmart and i saw a vertical horizon cd with this song on the tracklisting i would buy it and listen to it all the time. this is one of my most favirote songs. its the best...

amazing!! | Reviewer: kathryn | 8/7/07

I LOVE this song it says so much, and it is a dedication to someone special to me, that i wish was more special to me. either way i love this song!

HE IS EVERYTHING WE NEED | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/07


... | Reviewer: Fae | 5/26/07

I hate being this girl, and right now I am. I want to send this to him, and appologize. Im in love with his best friend.

amazing.. | Reviewer: anon | 4/20/07

this describes a situation perfectly...
lots of people can relate to it, it's absolutly amazing!

the last chorus "i am everything you want" is so sad.
it really makes you think about the pain someone goes through in these situations.

i've heard it so many times on the radio, and i am so glad i finally looked it up!

it's a really beautiful song


Amazing! | Reviewer: Jess | 4/19/07

Yeah I agree with everyone it is an amazing song and amazing lyrics!

The accoustic version is even better, it is so pretty!!

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