EXEMPLARY song! | Reviewer: Lisa | 10/23/10

This song is just amazing. Scott Weiland sings with a mysterious and dragging voice that matches the lyrics and instrumental sections of this song. Slash kills the guitar here and Duff is expertise at the bass... Dave and Matt keep the rhythm like rhythms should be kept with a guitar and drums... wow, these guys really did it this time. This song is really amazing.

This goes without saying: It didn't get enough accolades.

By the way, Scott looks awfully... different... in the music video! ;D

Slither | Reviewer: Topper | 12/16/07

Ace piece of songwriting and musicianship (try it in drop D is you wanna play it) and the lyrics match being nice and dark to work with the riffs - shame the singer looks so out of place with the rest of the band in the vid, even my kids laugh at him whenever I watch it - no doubt some ponce director thought it'd be a 'cool' look.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/07

in my opinion this is the best song on contraband
right next to fall to pieces