Nobody greater indeed | Reviewer: Thumba Sikazwe | 11/8/13

Vashawn, ain`t I glad to finally let you know how much me and my husband love your music. Its funny because we`ve only heard 2 of them. nobody greater and turning around. Your music just ushers us into Gods warm presence. may this ministry remain anointed for us who have been blessed enough to hear your music and those we pray will get hear `sooner or later`. Stay blessed am going to listen to turning around for me and I mean right now. From Zambia

nobody greater | Reviewer: rofhiwa | 10/19/13

the song nobody greater blessed me,it takes me to the higher level .. Indeed our God is great, there is no one like HIM.i am truly blessed

Great Music, Inspiring Message | Reviewer: Prosper Williams | 10/10/13

His Music is a Message to our generation.
I am alive each moment I listen to " The Greatest Man" & "Status"
God bless you Vashawn!
I look forward to ministering with your choir someday

Turn it around | Reviewer: nosipho (turn it around for me) | 9/27/13

Wow Wow what can I say, I look up to this worshipper, its so good to see other young people dedicating their lives to the Lord, I'm soooo greatfull for this music that speaks to the heart, may God richly bless you brother and may you keep on blessing us with your beautiful ministry

So blessed! | Reviewer: Nda | 9/24/13

I am so inspired by Vashawn Mitchell. This isn't just music, it's ministry. The man is gifted and anointed, the songs are inspired. Vashawn, i love you so much. May God increase your ministry and richly bless you as you continue to reveal Christ to the world! HALLELUJAH!!!

Lord you reign: Nigeria | Reviewer: Mr &,Mrs Emmanuel Durami Wakaye | 9/21/13

We really love your songs, it realy bless our heart everytime we play we alway feel the persence of GOD. my wife is into song training I pray GOD use her here in Nigeria, as he is using you there. Remain bless bros.

CONQUERER | Reviewer: Shanta Alexander | 9/5/13

Vashawn Mitchell is an annointed Christian. His songs and the passion he gives when he sings them gives me spiritual fullness. I loved his stage presence when he did the devotion service at Higher Living Christian Church. He invites the spirit of the Lord in the atmosphere. Vashawn you are truly a CONQUERER! God Bless You!

Worshipper | Reviewer: Fran | 8/21/13

I am truly blessed by your ministry and I thank God for you. Always put God first, allow him to direct your path. Truly Nobody Greater than my Jesus. He is an Awesome God who is Turning It Around For Me and Others. Praise his name.

nobody greater | Reviewer: jouvaine from jamaica | 8/21/13

your song nobody greater touch my life and made wanna give my life to god because there is truly no body greater than our lord so keep up the good work i listen to that song day and night

"NOBODY GREATER"!!! | Reviewer: Lori Pulliam | 8/19/13

Vashawn Mitchel is ANNNOINTED! He humbly stopped by Anderson Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pa. on 8/18/13 (Sunday eve.) to bless us w/ his gift of song @ a Revival tent meeting. He sang Chasing after You, Turning Around for me, & Nobody Greater. He was obviously in pain w/a leg or ankle injury, but he NEVER complained. When he opened his mouth to sing; The Spirit Of the Living God joined HIM. It was just a Wonderful experience praising God with him. He is a Worship Leader, Minister Of Music & He can just Sang! God Bless Vashawn in his music ministry; so many lives are renewed and will be forever changed through his ministry.
Grace & Peace

My 3 favourite Songs | Reviewer: Unathi Fenqe | 7/4/13

No Body Greater,indeed NoBody's Greater than our God,His Blood still works,being able to wake up every morning and finish the day is not just some thing we do on our own its because of His Blood and It's turning around for me its just a prophetic song.U ARE A BLESSING BROTHER.

God is really amazing and Triumphant | Reviewer: Latoya Cato | 6/9/13

Mr.Vashawn Mitchell is really and amazing singer. His vocals r up to standard, his ministry in music is so great, I really love the sound which says "Nobody Greater" this simply shows us that we ought to realise that God is the greatest and best person in the universe, also the song "Turning Around for me" this really touch my heart and it tells me that no matter what the situation is God will turn things around for us therefore we must continue to serve him in spirit and in truth.

psalm 150 | Reviewer: shed smart | 5/31/13

VaShawn, you are really an inspiration. Psalm 150 is a song I just can't stop listening to. I really want to meet with your group and sing with them. you guys are just awesome. God bless you!

More Grace | Reviewer: OwoidohoAbasi Anthony | 5/29/13

You indeed a worshipper and not a singer. God bless you and may his grace abound toward you that you always have sufficiency in all things. Thank God for the album 'NO BODY GREATER '. God bless you. .

jeremiah 32v38 to 40.. | Reviewer: bianca gabasiane | 4/22/13

we indeed are created to worship Him..non take take the glory for it is due His name and He alone will forever recieve that which suits Him from us as His chosen vessels..not cos of our good deeds but becos he chose us and He has re written our story through redemption.what a wonder He is our lovely faithful father.MAY THE GREAT GOD,abba father continue glorifying himself through you sir..the world at large appreciates what God is doing through you.CONTINUE DOING IT WITH ALL SINCIERITY