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you are a great role model | Reviewer: Michelle | 12/23/07

Vanessa i think that you are a wonderful role model. you know what you want to do and you do it. you are a very wonderful actress. thanks for being a wonderful role model.

love your fan,

ew | Reviewer: elena | 12/3/07

vanessa i hate you u are a bad infulens on every one no one likes you so go do playboy you idot plusif you never went to your highschool prom then you must be stupid if you didint even go gosh 1 hey vanessa what 5 square plus 3 to the 2 power times pie haha

You are soooooooooooo pretty | Reviewer: Angelina | 11/30/07

you are like sooooo pretty your very beautiful your songs are like very awesome i have to ask you a question who do you like in the film of 1 and 2

Anna | Reviewer: Anna | 11/21/07

I think that u r a good singer in every song u sing.I also think that u and Zac Efron are such a good couple together.U r soo pretty in all the pictures of u.Youll see your pictures at Teen Idols 4 Vanessa Hudgens.Zac Efrason is actually Very HOT guy.Well I hope that you'll will stay together forever and always.U and Zac Efron look so cute together.


wowzers | Reviewer: cheese | 11/19/07

hey hey you you i hate you jk jk your great but still werid!! and tell zac hes great but i hate him but hes a cutie but hes gay he likes men i saw him kissing his grandpa the other day i almost threw up.

Vanessa Hudgens Rox | Reviewer: Daniika | 9/9/07

heyy Vanessa,
im from Aus, and i noe that Zac Efron-ur co-star is here, but wen are u gonna cum ova to Aus, cos every1 here is dyiink 4 u 2 cum ova.. anywayys ur the best actress and singer ever!!

hope to see u soon
byee xox

analorena | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/07

ooohh vanessa i love you you are my favorite artist i love very much whaw you sing i am of mexico i love you your music and muvie !!

Burns and Bruises | Reviewer: Rama | 8/16/07

Hey There, Ness ^^ (mind if i call you that??). I'm doing a Photoshop project, and I chose to make you have burns and bruises, i hope you dont mind, cause I'm intending to publish it.

Lots of Love,
Rama Bagaskara

Bruises | Reviewer: Rama | 8/16/07

Hey Vanessa, I just drop by to tell you that I'm making a photoshop project of you ... with burns and bruises, I hope you dont mind ^^

<3 Rama

vanessa is amazing | Reviewer: Marissa | 8/15/07

hey vanessa!!!!!!! im marissa from florida!! i love you so much you are an amazing actress and singer. i first saw you in evita- i love that movie! then in HSM you were gorgeous and talented!!!! i hope you would text me! 301 448 2064 btw guys shes not dating zac efron they r best friends! anyway i hope you answer or at least get this! im gonna so watch hsm2, i know you have been workin sooooo hard!


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