Awesome song | Reviewer: Mia | 11/4/10

To me this song symbolises somone being close to the end of their life, when it is just starting to get dark, hence the name twilight, being the evening. And then coming back from it and changing the way you live. It is definatly not based around any crappy vampire book! No matter how you think it identifies with it, it has a much deeper meaning that only certain people can get

Twilight - V.Carlton | Reviewer: J | 9/26/10

This song has a great deal of meaning, emotion and beauty behind it.. it's so much more than the book by the same name will ever be. :\ It does suit Midna a great deal, though.

So much emotion | Reviewer: Akira | 7/10/10

You can feel the emotion in Vanessa Carlton's voice when she sings this song. I've always liked her music. She has a nice variety. Anyhow, I do not associate this song with the books. Don't like vampires.
But going in another direction, it really fits something else with the name Twilight: Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. It really goes well with the character Midna.

twilight song | Reviewer: lexi | 4/17/10

This song is so cool and when i first heard it, i thought of the book. To me, the song kinda suits bella because bella was so bored with life until she met edward and the part this song suits is when edward leaves bella then she starts doing stupid stuff and almost dies then jacob pulls her out. she feels better when jacob is her friend and that is kinda what the song is to me. Knowing wright from wrong but peeling away feom it to do bad but then being brought to life by someone who tells you the meaning of life and you neber look at it the same way again. That is just my opinion. Besides that pleAse go to my website

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Look death in the face... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/09

To me, this song is about looking death in the face and coming back, or having the one you love die in front of you.
I saw a FFVIII video with this, and it was all the saddest clips.
So of course I start bawling. This song makes me cry, too. I've seen twilight, too.
I've seen it.

i just love it | Reviewer: Reese | 4/2/09

i really do love it. its an amzing song. its awesome. the lyrics, who sings it. Its just great. It goes well with how everything was spread out. The movie. Its a beatiful song.It is mii new and ultimate faviroute song. Its a great.

Twilight: | Reviewer: Rosaliee | 3/27/09

I think this song is amazing. I sang it for my school talent show. What really got me, was when I first heard it and it made me think of the book "Twilight" and i love those books so much. My name is Rosaliee. Spelled differently, but pronounced the exact same way. That's how I fell in love with the books. I love you vanessa!

Excellent Song | Reviewer: Delti | 3/7/09

First off, this song came looong before Twilight and is far better (not that that's much of a complement). It has absolutely nothing to do with the book.

Moving along, Vanessa Carlton outdid herself with this song. Her voice and the music itself is absolutely incredible -- in my personal opinion, it is her very best song and did not get the attention it deserves. To me, this song is about being in a dark place in her life and being pulled out by someone to see the world in a new light

Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess | Reviewer: Jasmin | 11/21/08

I just heard this song in a Twilight Princess video. It was interesting and seemed to fit pretty well... from the lyrics though it sounds like the person she's singing to is the one who blinded her, but letting go of that person lets her see the truth. That's just my impression. Anyway, it sounds nice.

OMG! | Reviewer: gabrielle | 6/13/08

i really like this song!!!! this song was playing when i met my boyfriend!!!! this song is awesome! i cried when i first saw it that is a good thing i this case so yayayayay thank you vanessa carlton