Twilight rules!! | Reviewer: MandYy | 5/3/08

omg this song is soo perfect for the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer!! i love it! awesome song, and it really fits the theme and characters in the book. amazing...

**another good song that most Twilighters will love is called You by Amy Lee {from Evanescence} also very quiet and pretty, and also fits with the book like this song does**

Twilight | Reviewer: Roxy | 1/13/08

THis is like the best song in the whole wide world. it also goes with the book and if u didnt read the book u should its the best book in the world i couldnt stop reading. its very good just like the song.

T_T | Reviewer: Tsuki | 1/6/08

I love this song...and I made a video with it to DN Angel on Youtube...and showed it to a guy that liked me (I didn't know at the time) and I had to turn him that I relisten to it and think about it, I feel so's like I provoked him unintentionally...

sweeet | Reviewer: fabu_lous* | 10/18/07

i loveee this song, it is so good and so true. vanessa carlton is the best!i alos love her song SAn Fransisco.

Twilight | Reviewer: Maria | 9/9/07

This song is one of my favorites. I think it's about someone who starts out a little naieve, but then learns about life through a lover. It's amazing how meeting someone like that can really open your eyes. One of the reasons why I love it personally is because it reminds me of my boyfriend. :)

twilight | Reviewer: kayla | 7/9/07

love this song.
i love the lyrics.
also it goes good with this book twilight.
some people
said she wrote it for the boook Twilight.

Hi! | Reviewer: Cut | 6/30/07

I was looking for this one. I love it, but I think it was a diferent lyrics. O.Ó (Well, maybe I heard bad that song u.uU Tanks!