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Performed by Van Morrison

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Re: Review.... | Reviewer: Keith, TMAnimal | 7/30/13

I hope that all those people " Of a Certain Age " appreciate my interpretation of the above lyrics.... and, incidentally, I'm totally with the Review above...We all remember what once was....( You youngsters will get it, one day )[Oh Boy will you Get It]...It seems to me, purely a personal opinion, but a lot of Van Morrison's lyrics seem to refer to the past and what was, or, more pointedly, what Might have been.... But, there again, that's life, Innit ??.....

Keith, TMAnimal

beautiful wings | Reviewer: thalia dalke | 8/31/09

its of course anything of how you would want the song to go and be about. it always reminds me of my own true love, sunrise is beautiful but it always doesnt last, we were beautiful and we didnt always last and i love him so.

he wrote me many poems, one going along with this song. he plays the guitar, very good.

when is grows much older i hope to see him drive his chariot up my streets. haha :)

sqweak out.

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