Shaman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/13

He can be take you to a personal spot in your heart that you didn't know existed. This makes him an Irish shaman, shapeshifter, extrordinaire. To have had his music 50 +years in my life has been at times an almost spiritual journey.Unmatched emotion and always spot on with accompaniment.

best of the best | Reviewer: larry | 8/1/09

music of all types has lived ,always, at the core of my being. when i really dicovered "the man"----apart from his earliest rock hits---during the early eighties, i was riveted by his musical accomplishments and continue to marvel. if i had to spend the rest of my years in total isolation and could only choose one performer to "live" on my ipod it would,of course, be van. all musical and spiritual needs fully met!!

"He Can Man" Van | Reviewer: Dave | 1/16/09

The thing that blows my mind about van is there are no boundries. I wasn't fortunate to be apart of his earlier career, but to be apart of his history now is amazing. It's overwelming how much stuff I discover each time I search his discography. To be talented in so many dimensions is a gift from god.

The Man With Soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/09

There's something about Van Morrison's music that moves me in a way I can't explain. Songs like Brand New Day, Redwood Tree and Did Ye Get Healed seem to speak directly to your emotions, opening up memories and impressions you didn't even know you had. The Man Has Soul.

In Love | Reviewer: Candy | 12/14/07

I have followed and listend to Van (my man) since the early 70's and I'm still in love with him and his music. The only CD's I own and allow in my car/home are his! He is a genius and genuine.

Mystical Muse Musician | Reviewer: Kat Anderson | 12/4/07

I happened to surf the channels a couple of nights ago and found Van Morrison on pbs channel 13 and WOW!!! The man is absolutely magical----what a fantastic memory and stamina ! And check out those musicians too ! I'm off to the music store.

Sweet as Tupelo Honey | Reviewer: Chris | 9/14/07

I agree in that it is hard to label Van Morrison. He is one of the most diverse recording artists ever.

My personal favorite is "Your my woman" on the Tupelo Honey album. The man just knows how to touch your soul with his smooth style and easy rythems.

Easily the most underappreciated performer of the 70s and 80s.

If you like Blues, Rock, Country, RB, Jazz, or Gospel music you should check him out.....

still funky after all these years | Reviewer: dianne | 5/16/06

i've never been able to come up with a lable for his music (like r&b or rock and roll,etc.when people ask me what kind of music he sings.he's one of a kind and i'm really happy that he's still doing his thing.

fantastic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/06

I cry, laugh, smile, dance, sing when I listen to him. He's magical.