Into the Mystic | Reviewer: Dr. Jim | 12/7/08

GHAAAAAAAAA! I'm dying here.......I have this song.
It's an mp3 I came by somehow and the only research leads to Van Morrison "Into The Mystic" BUT. The version/rendition I have says "into the misty" by Johnny Rivers. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this song BUT!. I can't find any version online to match what I have. Youtube only has amateur renditions, yahoo launch well, sucks! Can anybody help me out? I want to hear the Van Morrison release to see if i have the org. If not how can i find out who really cut this version?????
P.S. the sax rules in this song

Everlasting favourite | Reviewer: Mythicmoon | 11/19/08

I first heard Van Morrison when I was only 19 years old, 'way back when this album first came out. I was with my (then) boyfriend, a guy named Bill Waterman from New York, who had served in Viet Nam. He was a tall, poetic, rugged, long-haired, hippy who had come to Canada to escape the memoires of that horrible war. He wore frayed blue-jeans and a weathered brown leather jacket, and had a small goatee on his chin. Looking back, I now know that he was probably suffering from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. We got stoned on marijuana and music--the music of Van Morrison--and made love in the afteroons in my tiny three-room apartment, drinking herbal tea, and then walking down by the river in the nearby park. I am reminded of these days when I hear Van Morrison's songs. Bitter-sweet are my memories now, and my heart swells with a mixture of sadness and sweetness when I hearken to the captivating rhythm of those enduring melodies.

Gotta Love Van Morisson | Reviewer: Shannon | 5/12/08

LOVE this song!! It starts out soft, quiet, and dreamy. Then it builds to this amazing point where I just want to lift my arms, close my eyes and sway. My kids and I crank this in the car with the roof down. They love the trumpets! "C'mon girl!"

Realy vary Twodaful! | Reviewer: Timothy Thomas | 9/15/04

Ya!I like the song , into the mystic . I've probly heard it at least a couple thousand times, and I'd still want to hear it again . I'm sure if I sang that song ,I'd be a star right after ,because it's such a twoiful song ;wops I mean onederful song .It's such a good song that it's a threedaful song 'and thats close to beautiful .So thank you for the download so much! Timothy Thomas