Keep it up Van! | Reviewer: Elle | 11/2/13

In the place where I come from the capitalist is the government and vice-versa,I don't see why we have to be so harsh with our critiques of other people's work! Van integrity may never be challanged simply because he has finally decided to go'political'. That does not amount to selling out and his idea that Capitalists control the system is not untrue either....look around you not with rose tinted glaces and you may somewhat glimpse a semblence of the truth!

Oops, you got it wrong Mr. Morrison | Reviewer: Mr. Econ | 1/15/13

Van, we love you for your music but on Educating Archie you got it wrong. Maybe you were educated in a college which didn't teach history or economics or world politics. If so, keep playing great music and we will continue to ignore your political message.

Great stuff! | Reviewer: Martin | 12/27/12

Good song Mr. Morrison, a pleasant surprise to see such an unambiguously political statement with such a truthful message. As for the previous reviewer."The capitalist only works within the framework allowed by the government." What?? The capitalist MAKES the framework for the government - these people went to the same schools and universities, they belong to the same clubs, they know what's good for themselves. There is a revolving door between cabinet offices and boardrooms. You try and get political power if you don't play ball with big business like the media barons and the banks.

Wrong villain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/12

You've got the wrong villain Mr. Morrison. The government took your constitution through tyranny not the capitalist. The capitalist only works within the framework allowed by the government. The government controls education and propaganda not the capitalist. Free market capitalism is the greatest means to freedom devised by man. The corrupt ruling class are the elite that preach collectivism, demand compliance and divide with envy.

A free people must have a capitalist economy. Not the best imaginable system, simply the best possible system.