Maaaan, this song is a classic. | Reviewer: Chemich | 2/17/09

I remember hearing this song when I was young and it was in a Power Rangers movie, this song is still sick.

And then I had a talkboy, and this song was on a casette tape along with a metallica song and iron man, it was cutting edge back then to have a talkboy.

Van Halen ruleeess maaan.

very good | Reviewer: amin | 10/9/07

I'm from iran ,and i cant speak English very well ,so that i cant tell my idea rightly & only i can tell it is sweet song, i like this song very much

Tight Complete and Professional | Reviewer: Rick | 4/29/05

This is the tightest, most complete, and most professional sounding piece that Van Halen has ever done. It's exciting to listen to it.

cool | Reviewer: andrew | 4/13/05

really sweet song i love the intro i love this song and the band