Amazin | Reviewer: divdah | 6/21/07

Its cool i cant stop listenin to it ... old and amazing... can be played at any party and it helps me study and jam to it wen im bored... classic

I get up, and nothing gets me down. | Reviewer: Jon Eliot | 5/11/07

The funny thing is that when it came out, it was heavily criticized for not being "Van Halen enough".

The thing is that those guys wrote great songs and every rock band after that point in the 80's tried to have their own "jump". Usually without spectacular results.

Eddie said it the best, "If it sounds good, it is good".

Fantastic | Reviewer: | 12/31/05

Jump is a fantastic fusion of rock and pop and can be played at any party. People bob thier heads at this song even though they will of gone "oh don't know who VAN HALEN are lets put Joss Stone on"! hey if it was Busted people would love it but the y MUST be forced to like it!