The Only Problem I Have With Van Halen | Reviewer: | 1/10/12

Van Halen has a new album out (A Different Kind of Truth) and they announced that they will be kicking off their 2012 tour. Yeah man! This band rocks!

The only problem I have with Van Halen, is this damn song. To me, the song Jump was the beginning of the end for the band. And I have a long history with this keyboard driven song. To read the full story and find out why, go to my blog:

Classic Rock forever!! | Reviewer: Rylee | 6/6/11

Van Halen is incredible! This song is amazing, as well as many others by VH.
I always kind of knew about Van Halen, but I never really knew WHO they were or what songs they sang until I met my bf, and this was his favorite band. So i started listening to some of their music and i fell in love; with my NEW favorite band!!!
Van Halen has earned their right to be remembered forever! So i say expose all young people to VHs music again and it will hopefully overpower all of the rap crap that's out there!

Lyrics errors | Reviewer: KNACsnowman | 5/24/10

These lyrics aren't even close. Another commenter and I have submitted corrected lyrics, but an error message has been displayed for either of us, evidently without accepting our corrections. "I'm getting ready for a soccer scene" is completely wrong. It should be, "I got my back against the record machine." in both refrains. Also, everything after the guitar and keyboard solos is missing. Listen to the words in the YouTube video to confirm.

Lyrics! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/10

I'm sorry, I know this doesn't belong here, but I have tried twice to submit a lyric correction and it keeps telling me that I can't because I've already submitted the same lyrics; then when I click the link to see the lyrics that I have "submitted" it shows me the ones that are aleady here, which I did not submit and which I know to be wrong. First of all, this song has nothing to do with soccer and so it should not say "I'm getting ready for a soccer scene". What does that even mean?!? It should say "I've got my back against the record machine". Also, the second line is "You got it tough, I've seen the toughest soul around."

Loving Van Halen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/09

omg Jump is the best song ever. im a 14 year old Van Halen major. i absoulety know everything about them and had hopes of meeting them one day. my friends tease me about it but i dont care. i <3 van halen. ROCK ON!

Jump Review - Bianca xxx | Reviewer: bianca | 2/22/09

I think this song is a great song also its a memorable song for my uncle named kevin he died in january 14th 2009 it was his favourite song and it has a big meaning to me and my famly
i miss you loads uncle kevin
Love Bianca xxx

umm, not suicide, just the opposite | Reviewer: bingo | 10/1/08

LIVING ! The song is about getting out into the world and just doing things! good things! There are bad things/people to take you down, take you out..but it is a song of hope. The kernels are in the first verse, then gives you Americana with a cat leaning against a juke.
The music is Powerful, chord changes, arrangements (especially Eddie throwing in a Synth part when he could've shredded how cool is that!), tones, especially parts! Eddie shreds in the right place and he's out, short and sweet!
The delivery is where it needs to be and a timeless classic...very inspiring, and I cant stand most of the genre' because this stuff is so absent!!

Van Halen rulz! | Reviewer: Gwen | 7/31/08

Van Halen is of course one of my fav bands and this song makes them one of my fav!David Lee Roth was so hot in the video for this song there's no doubt about that!I am a VH fan and always will be David Lee Roth rulz and so does Eddie!Van Halen will be one of the coolest bands ever and they will be remembered in history!

van halen rocks! | Reviewer: ryan allely | 2/27/08

I always was a fan of van halen but if this song wouldn't of came out I totally would of forgot about van halen. this is the best song on the album! the other really good songs are panama,hot for teacher and i'll wait.

GREAT SONG!!!! | Reviewer: aydenD. VH | 2/20/08

This song is so awesome. I got introduced to Van Halen by my friend. I always knew about them but i never listened to them. I was watching the best video's of the 80s and Jump was eighth. I think Jump was the best video of the 80s. HE DOES A FREAKIN BACKFLIP. I think Van Halen should of won rather than that fool Micheal Jackson.

Undescriable | Reviewer: Blade | 12/26/07

I love this song! I heard it when I was little, and lost the song on my old computer, because the file was too big and the only way i could tranfer it was through floopys. But recently I found one of my parents old records and found this song on it!!

Rock on | Reviewer: Badger | 11/7/07

1st heard this song when at a football game, the teams came out onto the pitch and everybody in the stands were clapping their hands. Never get tired of hearing......JUMP!

goood song | Reviewer: JL=12IN | 10/30/07

yeah its a damn good song.

if you study the lyrics it is actually about suicide! so the song is ironic really, because its a happy song and is played at a lot of parties..

Very Nice Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

It was my parent's wedding song. When I was old enough to understand what music was, my father played nothing but Van Halen. I've loved their music ever since. David Lee, Sammy Hagar...doesn't matter any which way, Van Halen rocks and will continue to so long as others listen to them.

jump | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/07

this song was my moms favorite song back in the 80's before i was born, i absolutely love classic songs, and one day when i was 20 years old my dad pulled out a old record that i had never seen before and he played it.. i was shocked cause it did not sound like my parents kind of music.. he looked at me and said this was your moms favorite song.. from there on out i loved it .. i had to go and by the cd.