Great Song | Reviewer: Jay | 10/6/14

I first heard a rap remix of this song on Ring of Honor that Aj Styles was using as his theme, after doing a youtube search, I found out that this was his theme song during his first run with the company, it is an amazing song.

Amazing | Reviewer: KLO | 9/1/12

First heard this song in a Traces show (please go see...incredible show). I have found myself obsessed. It touches a part of me inaccessible to me for time out of memory. What has drawn me to comment are all of your comments reflecting your similar (and quite emotional and artistic) responses. I feel a kinship with all of you and a deep understanding of this song...even as it's true meaning to everyone fractures in its personal-ness of message. I have rarely been moved by music as this song has done. I hope Jon reads these comments because he will know he truly succeededand transcended to Artist Extraordinaire.

TOUCHED | Reviewer: Suzan | 7/28/12

Ive only stumbled across dis song lately while watchn a old episode of america's got acrobatic team call TRACES were performing.... I was just fixed on d jus got a hold on me....did sum research n here i am... I have been constantly listening to it for over a month takes me to anotha level....i kan see my entire life racing tru my mind...n it reminds me of my one tru love.....hes all i see wen i sing to these lyrics....makes me break down evrytime..... I dont know.... This s the only song dats evr made me feel like dis...its inexplainable.....

pure emotion | Reviewer: philip | 5/3/12

I loved this song in "Step Into Liquid"; tiny little surfer guy is towed into a truly monstrous wave. The wave represents the vastness of life, and the inescapable and overwhelming power which death holds over us.

Just tonight I finally read the lyrics, and I wept. I've heard the song a hundred times, but I never consciously sorted out the story it tells.

It's my story; it's my life, and what happened when I lost the one true love of my life.

We had reached a point in our relationship where I really knew her; all of her hates, and fears, and irrationalities. Her fear of people seeing her true self. I got to see all of it, and I loved her anyway. When she realized that I had penetrated her wall, and her defenses, she ran away.

She won't even speak to me now; but she has her wall back, and her hiding place, all alone, and isolated from life. Isolated from love.

It makes me weep to think of her aloneness, and what she sacrificed to be there.

Angel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/12

I heard the song on an episode from angel.I didnt recognize the song from the first time I saw that episode back when it aired.Maybe I was too damn young to really understand it, I dont know.But I know if it was played at the end of episode "I Will Remember You" I'd be so dead right now.I'd just lay there drowned in my own tears

touched my soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/11

My friend is a ladies man, so he touched a girls heart and brought back there love making poem for us to hear...that was the first time I heard the song... We all fell silent when the song started to play and a sense of calmness held us to our seats.. The song brought my broken heart back from the depths of sorrow and everytime I hear this song, I feel joy and sadness. Joy for the power of love and sadness to those who have never experienced that powerful love and those who wil never... There is life in this song and this song is my love life...

Touched (by this song) | Reviewer: Laural | 1/21/11

The first time I heard this song was years ago when I saw a performance of Les 7 Doigts de la Main. For the longest time I couldn't find it! But then I heard it on Angel and I decided to try to do a little research with the lyrics and I finally found it! I am so glad I found it! I love this song! It's like an echo of the past :)

Touched by Vast | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/10

I heard this song playing in a scene from Angel, and the strange thing is that I immediately recognized it, but I had no idea where I recognized it from. I have tried to remember over the years. I have shearched the web to find places it's been used, but ziltch. Nada. Nothing! So I have decided to believe that this is that type of song u just bond to for life. A song that describes your life. Is your life. And the lyrics of the song feel like an old Greek or Roman tale about the tragic life of a demigod. Someone stuck between life of the mortals and the life of the gods. Desperatly looking for love long lost.

Amazing | Reviewer: Chanel | 10/15/09

I first heard this song in an eppisode of angel years ago and fell in love with it. I could not find it untill it was used for wrestle mania and I told mybrother this is the song I have been looking for and he recognized it from somewhere then later found it in his cd collection. I jumped on iTunes straight away and bought it. The lyrics are amazing and the music behind it is amazing I get goose bumps everytime. It is the most played dong on my iPod. Such an amzing song.

wow. | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/9/09

wow. i heard this song watching a video in my social studies class at school called Step Into Liquid. i was transfixed by it. i have never heard a song that took me somewhere like this one. it is definitely one that i will listen to a lot. i didnt waste any time buying the song when i got home today. i love it. its lyrics are so intense it is alluring.

Whoa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/09

I love this song. I first heard it on a Mt. Dew CD that my little brother won. It was a mix CD that had 1000 Clowns, Stained's Just Go before they made it big. It was made from a group of bands that played at some of the early X-Games. Yea, when Tony Hawk was just stepping up into the lime light. Just remembered and found it again. Plan to check out what else the band has to offer.

Speaks my heart out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/09

When I listen to this song, which to my mind is unbelievably fantastic, I see my life rushing in my mind's eye...the collaboration of voices and instruments makes me cry every time I listen to the song. It makes me feel kind of desperate, but gives me hope as well. And I really think that there is person in my life this song would be worth to be sung to.

Brilliantly Wonderful | Reviewer: Aamir | 4/25/09

The first time i heard this song was in the WrestleMania XXV Event. I couldn't find the song anywhere. I didn't know the name. I thought it was like an action song at first. But now I realised the true meaning of it. The song takes you into another world.....somewhere in outer makes you feel like you're floating somewhere...the music and lyrics are just too good! It's a good mix of love and emptyness. It makes you reconnect with your inner soul and you feel the song while hearing it...

I disagree.. | Reviewer: Psychonaut | 11/22/08

This song is for a different type of love, the feeling is so intense it is unforgettable, a person that you truly knew was unique, that complimented your view of the world... Changing yours forever, because of that understanding. How is that scary? That is one of the rarest things in the world..

I'm touched (: | Reviewer: Vanda | 10/3/08

I heard this song on an amv and I have to say I just loved it!

it calms me down and I feel like I'm flying or in another world... still, calmness is the feeling I get the most from the song.

And yeah, I'm touched by it. It's almost magical, I don't know (: