Incredible musician | Reviewer: Lisa | 7/6/10

I am an older generation and love his music because I can hear influence in it from the Beatles, Moody Blues and the Doors,U2,all kinds of bands, he is just ultra, and I find it phenomenal. I find him intriguing and amazing both in lyrical and music. He is truly an incredible artist. I would love to take my daughter to see him who is undoubtedly his biggest fan!!!! I also want to add that his song Tatto On You Name should be the theme song for True Blood, it is so awesome!! Can't help it I love it!!!!!

Here's to all the people | Reviewer: Sasha | 7/6/10

I love this song so much, it means so much to me.This song brings me so much peace since I lost so many family members, just wanted you to know it is my favorite piece of music for quiet time. I love. I also love Until I Die, and all Everything has changed, I love the entire album....You Destroy Me is quite astounding...could have used that 20 years ago...this album is just incredible, to say anytbhing less is like denying one of the great composers of past...youb have talent, you have timing, you have lyrics, you have feeling, you have the music....spread it to the people!!!!!

Simply extraordinary !! | Reviewer: Cathy | 1/16/09

VAST is a band that is timeless. Jon Crosby is a musical genius. It's almost difficult to put into words because his music touches you in ways I didn't think was possible; his lyrics are profound without trying too hard. The entire musical composition including the instruments, background vocals and lyrics combine to create something that is spiritually refreshing and awakens the senses. VAST is a band that is not widely recognized by the greater public and they deserve to be, because as the title suggests, they are simply extraordinary!

My overview | Reviewer: Juanita | 12/25/05

I thinks that John Crosby's music is truely original. I love to listen to his music no matter what mood I'm in. I have all but 1 of his cd's. I cant wait to get the last one that I need. I hope that he continues to bring great music to us. I think he has a brilliant mind when it comes to his music. He is truely and original artist.