Its Kewl | Reviewer: Chelsea | 5/10/05

Yah, I went to formal with my man and for the last song they played this. It was kickin... He was singin it to me and it was soooo romantic,.. this is the perfect song for anyone whos in love,... thanks to Usher..

great one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/05

this song's so kewl, even its old. but i haven't heard it for longs. radio stations here suck. they don't turn onda sweet one like this...keep bein' kewl, Usher.

Hot | Reviewer: Leli | 2/12/05

this song is nice and romantic 4 all ya lovers or hater's, whatever.
I love it, and i still hear it, even if it's old. GO USHER! (My Boo!)

Brilliant | Reviewer: Becca | 1/26/05

I dnt care how old this song is its my fave ever ever ever!! every1 shood like it !!!!pece out !

Love it!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/04

I love this song!!! I kno its pritty old now but i ALWAYS listen 2 it!!! its an emotional song that deals with the heart axhe of being in love and hanging on 2 tha ppl love. Usher is a LEGEND!!!

a great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/04

i just love this song. i listen to it all the time it's just great. usher has got to be 1 of the best artists ever!