connected | Reviewer: thai 22 | 11/11/10

this is a song that i listen to when i wont to feel connected to my mom she is in prison and been there for a long time but we used to listen to songs like this all the time and there is no age limit to love as long as u love them nobody can change ur mind no matter what they do

so cool | Reviewer: gökhan | 1/14/08

it is one of the best song ı ever listened. and its impossible to understand how beautiful it is if you are not in love. ı know that usher wont know about this but thanks a lot

:) | Reviewer: :) | 1/3/08

I don't quite no what to say about this song. I love the lyric

"act like you're ready but you don't really know"

It's true. Sometimes you're sure you really love someone, but you can't be for sure maybe sometimes you think "I'm too young" "It hasn't been long enough"

Theres no age limit for love, nor is there a time limit.

This song sucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/07

Yeah. I said it: "this song blows out the horses butt." It sucks and so do all of you. The only reason I came here is because I like to sing songs that I hate, and listen to them over and over again until I go mad.

Hate that I love you | Reviewer: Natalie | 11/16/07

All this time I was hoping for some miracle. It never happend. You have saved your heart, but my heart is broken. I don't blame anybody because you are too weak to handle my love and I am too proud to beg for understanding. Good luck to you, my perfect stranger. I hope, finally, you'll find what you are looking for.

The greatest song sung | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/07

this song makes me so depressd because the lyrics are so true! I love it! its my favourite song! I dedicate it to Stephanie Smith in S.A. East london... I LOVE YOU

best song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/07

usher this song is simply fab!!! no matter how old it is, i play it over and over again every single has such great memories for me...i love it!!!

sound song | Reviewer: cici | 6/5/07

i luv dis song... no matta how old it is... it reminds me of mi boo..... nice 1 usher.... keep dem cumin x x x x x

awesum | Reviewer: britt | 4/12/07

even if this song is old it still encourages me wen im goin threw tuf times. i luv it. my frend has this as my ringtone!

u got it bad | Reviewer: tsitsi | 2/12/07

the song is jus tight i play it like 100 times in a day and stil love it the next minute