i love usher | Reviewer: shakirah | 4/17/07

i love usher and everything about him. He is a well rounded man and I'm his biggest fan of his. I wish that one day i could meet him.

bianca dz-jeanne | Reviewer: bianca | 4/4/07

hi usher my name is bianca and i really no how to sing me and my friend take down my # 1718-8444866 truly # 1fan

LOVE YA CD | Reviewer: kassey | 2/11/07

Usher I am ur No 1 fan... lol... love ur songs... listen to dem daily and love ur body... SEXY BODY

a good guy | Reviewer: shertika_markland@yahoo.com | 1/31/07

ur music really relates to me with everything that I go through with friends and boyfriend.hearing ur music helps me get over the pain,cause my sister is going down the rong road.we all try to help her choose the right way but she don't wont to.

i wont u to be my best friend | Reviewer: IBRAHIM | 3/8/06

you are the man in men i realy likes what u are doing my men kip on doiong it well i thing if i wont to coment ontil tmw i will never finis so i love u i realy wont to met in the rest of my life i even dream of u my men so thnx for what u doing for the wort evryone u i cant say but expecialy me let it burn

he is wkd | Reviewer: Paul miller | 2/13/06

Usher is a wkd dancer and has influenced many people to wana be like him he is a great singer and dancer. i would love to have an interview with him to find out how he moves. he is a definet influence to my dance group bad boyz. he is a all round entertainer and for such a young person he has won all the awards and gets given respect for what he does. shout out to Dean Baxter n chiz

I confess about my love for Usher...he's my boo!! | Reviewer: Marie-lou | 1/21/06

U know...everyone as a model.Mine is Usher b'cuz he past throught so many things n actually he's one of the biggest artist in all the world.For me HE'S the number one.I dream to meet it in person one day!!His songs are so touching and he has a voice like nobody else.Plus, he's a very good dancer no one else can dance like he does...omg! and what a beautiful smile! this boy is so sexy he has everything that a girl wants! Haa I love you!!

YEAH | Reviewer: melissa (liss) | 1/4/06

usher is da best at singin Yeah that all i sing is this song. i really love all his songs but this one is the best.

usher is my boo | Reviewer: cassandra | 1/2/06

i love usher a lot. he is one of a kind. who don't like usher? no body,he is one sexy ass man. gues wat he's nice 2.he was born da same month as me october.i was born da 2nd ahn him da 14th.he's a great musician and a great actor too.last few months he came out in a movie '' in da mix'' this movie great.finaly usher is great black person.

Dancer | Reviewer: Tahnee bee | 10/25/05

I think Usher is one of the best dancers i can ever think of. He's got the moves, the talent, the voice, the EYES!
He moves just like Micheal Jackson.
He's the best guy a girl could ever wanna go out with.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/05

usher is jst undescribable im listening to album as we talk hes jst wow i cnt think wot to sey to describe as usher would say how do i say lol hes amazing love you usher

usher | Reviewer: Jess Cheung | 7/27/05

I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve usher!! And so dus ALL of my m8s.. He is proper ace + has a really really gd voice! I really want his cap!!

baby g!!my boo!! | Reviewer: trish | 6/14/05

usher is a cool bloke and he has a great body. he's song my boo is one of my favourite songs because it brings back memories of the past. i love all of his songs.

My Boo | Reviewer: C.J | 5/30/05

Usher is the hottest man alive. He can sing,act and dance. i LOVE "Light it up". Usher is so sexy!! I love u usher, there is no1 that is better than u. u r the best!!! His new song "dotcom" is so relaxing. i cant wait to see "dying for Dolly" comin out very soon. and the film that hopfully he will do with beyonce. I have tons and tons of his posters, they wouldnt all fit on my wall so i have to switch them once in a while. I went to "the Truth tour" on August 18th 2004 in philly and it was awsome. christina millian was there and so was kanye west! i hope to meet usher. that would be my dream come true. I LOVE YOU USHER!!!!!!

usher is my baby daddy | Reviewer: Sherica Ware | 5/17/05

he is so damn sesy. i love usher so much. what is not to love about usher he can sing, dance, and hes hella sesy. from your baby mama.. i love you