Luv | Reviewer: Charmza556 | 3/29/13

Tjo I RLY LUV U USHER,WIT ALL MY HEART N SOUL!!! n i ivn got feelings 4u coz i fil u while um watching your video espcially "DIVE". I become jealous n wish that it was mi who u'r layin down. UM SO CRAZY INLUV WIT U N I WULD SACRIFISE JUST TO MEET U!!

If there are consideration about people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/12

Dear Police of New York,

please teach your type of people to prevent wanting people away from their families to avoid being at other unfit people's table,and as Caucasian want to own everywhere which with that concept why worry about African around Caucasian people?

I people have right as to be around for their children 1 day to 31 years to be loved,before decided to be no only watching over themselves and not their children!

Dear Barack, Dear Michelle Obama, | Reviewer: Keesha | 3/21/12

Dear Barack,

Dear Michelle Obama,

It is very important that when citizens see they are functioning improperly to not push those improper behaviors though to improve the American system;such as when America has war with their outside opponents without capture American be cared by their own citizens which is why many people shouldn't pollute peoples' families to avoid people to not stuck with personal care of their abusers!

As a result, many monies are being collected by Christian religion which should be working for believers as though we won't be left in our enemies hands St. Luke!

the Sun extreemly important even when we need the Moon | Reviewer: Keesha Watson | 12/21/11

Sweet Heart,

what happen to Oprah when she was a child and what is her current status:is it still the Moon,Sun,Obama,and my dad which keep her mind behind?Therefore,the childhood crime did she really mind that it was unkind or today it make her shine?

The Sun activities able us to see things grow which the Moon activities must carefully not omit the Sun.

Also,the O was how we grow though where is her show?

Nevertheless,I don't enjoy no whore ore Life to prevent that to not keep us behind!

honey8289 | Reviewer: terri | 8/16/11

Usher u r the best have been a fan me a mac... I have watched u grow into the man u have become, I literally have 2-3 copies of every cd u have put out have been to numerous concerts, u r the KING OF POP!! I LOVE U!!!

fan that adores you :) | Reviewer: mariaam | 6/7/11

im youur biggesst faaan( i think :) ) i LOOOOOOOOOOVE youur songgs they are soo deep.. aand you have a great voicee <3 youur reallyy hoottt andd i realllyyy want to meet you one dayy :P i hope i will, your inspire me aloott !! &7 the guy i dated reminds me soo much off youu :$ :) haha loveyaa <3

You're biggest fan | Reviewer: Mackenzie | 2/21/11

heey!!!!! im 13 years old grade 8. today i wasnt doign my test because i was thinking of you're songs like OMG, love in this club, yeah, and D.J got us fallin' in love and i covered my binders with your lyrics and i got sent out of the room. i am doing my speech on you and you have a great history and i love you and wanted to thank-you for halping Justin Bieber he is a great kid. i hope to get good seats to your concert on may 14th 2011, Toronto :) i love you ....... you are the screen saver on my phone and computer ;).... you are a great romodel for young kids who want to have a singing career like me <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i really want to record one of my songs that i have wrote but i dont know how :( hope you find me on Utube :)

hey just showing some love | Reviewer: crystal | 2/10/11

hey everyone just showing some love to you and im stuck in class doing a report on usher i really no somethings or 2 but i cant say i really no but i been through some of the stuff he went through but love ya and god bless
crystal bromagen

hey :) | Reviewer: kayla | 12/15/10

Hey usher !!......I really love ur music and ur sons are adorable!!... ;)....I would love to meet u in person one day{{one day}}but yea.....u n my uncle looooook so alike lik ya could be brothers......forreal ya got the same nose n !!!....every one says to my uncle that he loook like u n its funny cause he really do.....well i hope u have a bless rest of ya life u nya kids !.....Kayla.....

I LOVE THIS MAN! LOL=) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/09

hay usher im alexis j. patterson and i love u since i was about 7 and imma always love u i met u in person 5 times got ur aotograph 4 times out of those 5 iv been 2 all ur concerts in mii area and love listing 2 u have all ur albums from 1870_papers and love every song that was on them mii dream iz 2 1 day hang with u all day long!!!lol;)

Usher I really like your songs!!!! | Reviewer: Maria | 4/23/09

Dear Usher one day I really would like to meet you in person. I admire you and your song. Hope my dream will come true one day. I will like to meet Lebron James from the Cavaliers. Because I really like playing basketball and I admire him too. Thank You soo much!!!!!

slt usher | Reviewer: emma love | 6/23/08

j'suis trop fanne de toi j'aime t'a façon de dancer de t'habiller peu être un jour en se vera ;si dieu le veut sa sera le meilleur jour de ma vie de rencontré ma star préferé que dieu te garde emma love

i love you | Reviewer: sky | 6/14/08

hey i love you. i think you are really really hot and sexy you have a really nice body and a great signer. i love all your pics and music that you have i love you. i love you you are so damn hot. love ya. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

the peson rote the songs of our dreams | Reviewer: rod n maree | 3/19/08

wutsup with you man how do you do it me and my ole lady got a song from your cds you got it back and my boo. we enjoy it so much i love her with all my heart and your songs when me and her in the car together its tell us somethin all the time. by mr.keys

your number#1 fan | Reviewer: loreli a. | 2/1/08

you are the best!!!!!!!. i love your song my boo that you sing with alicia keys. we almost share the same b-day! i was born on october 26th 1998.why don't you come to utah to visit. i would pay my life savings to just see you!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!